Fanno l airdrop già con la main net, non hanno bisogno di passare attraverso un token provvisorio basato su ethereum

People say DApps are the future. But could we come to consensus for the following two questions? (1) DApps could not be shutdown by a third party. (2) DApps, as digital assets, should preserve their value for 10 years or more, i.e., they should still run after 10 years or more.Taking Crypto Kitty for example, if the website is down, can you run your kitty? Are you sure that the kitty client app would run on a host OS in ten years? BTC blockchain has been running for more than ten years. How about Ethereum smart contracts? Asking the right questions is the first step towards solving them.Elastos is not there yet, but we are moving towards the direction to answer above questions, and the Elastos Smartweb has been running since yesterday. Hooray!

Qualche tempo fa ho fatto un fast Sync di geth (ethereum)....Ci ho rinunciato ...Quasi una settimana e non aveva finito

Elastos StrategiesRong Chen 7/30/2019Computation is orthogonal to communication, which is the guiding principle of operating system designs for the past two decades, at least for Elastos.  I am really amazed, or should I say frustrated, by how few people really get it.In a computer architecture, CPU handles the computation. Hard disk handles the storage (and memory is merely an optimization layer of the storage).  Whereas the communication, called Bus in CS jargon, is very much hidden from programmers.  For example, a computer task (called Process in CS jargon) accesses C: drive, D: drive, etc. without knowing whether C: or D: drive is using IDE, USB or TCP/IP communication protocols.If we believe that Elastos Smartweb is a network computer, then how to apply the principal of “Computation is orthogonal to communication” would be critical.When you see, http://,  https://, ftp://, p2p://, do you realize that there is something fundamentally flawed with the current Web? Anyone brags about Turing complete, he/she is talking about computation.  Anyone claims to build apps or dApps, he/she is still talking about computation.  Orthogonal means more or less independent.  In our context, computation has not much to do with network protocols.  Many people say that a blockchain is a network protocol, yet they try to build dApps on top of blockchains.  There is an obvious contradiction here.~~~Twenty five years ago, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen said on CNN: “Browser is the new OS.  Windows is a bunch of not fully debugged device drivers.”A quarter century later, could we say that Elastos Browser is the new Internet (virtual machin) OS, whereas Linux and Windows are two bunches of almost fully debugged device drivers?Elastos Carrier is two things: an abstraction API layer which separates runtimes from communications, and an implementation of p2p protocols. People might see only the BitTorrent, eDonkey equivalent aspects of Elastos P2P.  Similarly Elastos Hive is two things: an abstraction API layer of decentralized storage layer, and an implementation of IPFS. In the real world, telco carriers hide consumers from knowing their phone calls being routed through satellite or undersea fibers.  Data encryption algorithms or surveillance technologies are all agnostic to different brand of phones (in Elastos case, different virtual runtime distributions).Now you could tell the rest of the stories about Ethereum and NEO sidechains.What’s my point? There is an old Chinese wisdom: “He who does not contend is above all competitions.” (Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu) Companies build products to compete with one another.  Elastos is an open source platform and a cyber republic community.  Organic ecosystem means circle of life, i.e., new replaces old, life replaces death.  Different products meet the needs of different market segments. The products that Elastos core team build are merely boilerplates or reference designs for others to improve or even to replace. In retrospect, the death of Netscape was one of the greatest things happened to the www Web. Finally, let’s see the destinies of Elastos and Blockstack.  Does the Elastos community worry much about the decease of the Elastos Foundation in two years?  Could we say the same to the Blockstack company which is backed by multiple reputable Venture Capitalists?There is only one Web on Earth.  What about Web3.0?  I hope we could at least agree on one thing: this is not a technical question after all.

Ragazzi una domanda, quando sarà online la sidechain Ethereum?

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Come fai a rinunciare alla sicurezza? Dovresti introdurre figure per risolvere le controversie...
#ETH ha un problema di ridondanza dei dati a causa delle DApps posizionati sul mainchain (unica struttura di ethereum) che porta a sovrabbondare la memoria principale e ad un possibile congestionamento della rete (vedi #cryptokitties). Inoltre le Dapp vengono eseguite sul frontend dell'utente, causando già una possibile esposizione dei dati, qui il rischio di sicurezza maggiore. Rinunciare ulteriormente alla sicurezza non è molto vantaggioso, imho. #Elastos propone di adottare una catena principale (mainchain), responsabile soltanto delle transazioni di base e dei pagamenti e una sidechain che esegue contratti intelligenti per supportare le varie applicazioni/servizi.Link di approfondimento:1. esegue le applicazioni su runtime rispetto alla blockchain. Tutti i dati di rete devono essere inviati attraverso un canale affidabile e verificabile. L'identificazione e l'autenticazione provengono dall'ID blockchain. In questo modo, la credibilità della blockchain può essere trasferita a Elastos Runtime. Elastos Runtime può avere varie forme come un sistema operativo indipendente, una macchina virtuale o un kit di sviluppo software (SDK) che si integra in app native di altri sistemi operativi tradizionali.Alle applicazioni decentralizzate è vietato l'accesso alla rete, in modo tale che non siano soggette agli attacchi DDoS. Non c'è bisogno di indirizzi IP, quindi gli utenti hanno meno probabilità di essere violati. per approfondire il commento di @MindS3T.
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cosa sono #cryptokitties?

È un gioco di gatti virtuali collezionabili su ethereum che ha avuto il suo momento di gloria a fine 2017 e che ha causato l intasamento dell intera rete eth, mostrando i limiti della piattaforma con un uso intenso

What is NOT an ecosystem for apps or dApps?Rong Chen 8/21/2019Cloud computing is for multiple computers jointly to achieve better performance. Consensus computing, on the other hand, is for multiple computers jointly to check balance each other to achieve better decentralized trust, while trading off performance. DApps are apps that can’t be controlled by intermediaries such as websites. The Elastos Smartweb platform for dApps consists of three critical pieces: decentralized cloud computing, decentralized storage, consensus computing.Species in an ecosystem live and die, following the rules of survival of the fittest. So is Ethereum an ecosystem for dApps or just a specie category of smart contract (consensus computing) mechanisms?  What is an ecosystem for apps or dApps? If you have partners, does it automatically qualify you as an ecosystem?Visa has many software suppliers, does that qualify it as an ecosystem? No, because Visa controls all suppliers.  Does Hadoop or Deep-leaning framework qualify as an ecosystem? No, although there are many independent startups make a living on top, they are not general purpose computing platforms because there are programs can’t run on top of them.  Does Java or JS qualify as an ecosystem? No, they are both general purpose computing platforms alright, but neither could run 100% of the programs. In theory they could, but in real world, there are always programs want to crawl under them for better performance.  Operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, which run on many computers, are ecosystems because they are all general purpose computing platforms which hosts 100% of the apps. And they let apps to freely choose third party languages, services and frameworks, so apps could compete to their death or glory. Yet only a handful software platforms, all operating systems, could be entitled as ecosystems in the software (apps) world. Unfortunately they still compete fearlessly between themselves like the seven kingdoms fighting in the Game of the Throne.As an exception, WWW Web could loosely define a super ecosystem that runs 100% of the apps and services.Ecosystem, however, is such an overloaded word in the blockchain world. According to my definition above, I personally do not believe that dApps should be contained only in the realms of blockchains. Smart contracts that run on blockchains are only a very small subset of dApps called consensus services.Consensus computing or solidity as a programming language is not about speed but about a programming paradigm to build decentralized trust, that could run on many sidechain consensus computing platforms. If you are talking about a specific world computer or the speed of it, sooner or later you will lose for sure. Conclusion: if you talk about TPS, you are talking about a computer. A computer is not an ecosystem, regardless whether it’s a world computer. A blockchain, public or not, is a consensus computer, which is not an ecosystem either, at least not in a software or dApps world.

Hello everyone- I’d like help with this Tweet please. It’s to the author of a Week in Ethereum News and links to the Elastos Academy page on the side-chains. Let’s make this go as viral as we can. If we get Evan to comment in his weekly newsletter that would be superb for both communities. To gain wider reach, please help by liking and re-tweeting the post, ideally tagging @evan_van_ness and adding the hashtags for #elastos #sidechains and #weekinethereumnews. Thank you, Chris Mac. 🙏

Io non so se pensare che il mercato stia dormendo su una bomba ad orologeria. Un progetto come Ethereum, secondo in capitalizzazione, che non regge più al peso attuale ed ha bisogno di nuova linfa. Progetti come Elastos che dormono in 100ma posizione...

Voglio dire, il tempo sta per scadere. È ora di fare, non si può più parlare troppo con il futuro.

Mi chiedo come fa una coin ad essere nella top 50 con certi problemi (per non parlare di ethereum) mentre Elastos ancora non scala?

Quinta puntata: anche le altre #Spotlight Series. Le trovi sul pinnato.

we and everyone else doing some form of ETH development are actively looking into bridges to connect different compatible EVM based chains like the ETH sidechain, Polkadot, Parity, Ethereum, etc

A quanto pare polkadot utilizza EVM, quindi potrebbe benissimo utilizzare la sidechain ethereum di elastos e collaborare come accennato da clarence nella main char

Non conosco il progetto non è mia intenzione denigrarlo o simili, ho solo letto dal sito che devono ancora lanciare la main net, tutto qua. Hai qualcosa da consigliarmi per approfondire il progetto?

Per studiare il progetto ovviamente non c'è niente di meglio del sito ufficiale, quindi a seguire il loro blog, chat Telegram, Twitter, etc...solita cosa.Quello che mi preme sottolineare è che forse non c'è tutta questa somiglianza tra i due progetti come dice @OhhhSoleeeeMiooooo Polkadot non vuole "costruire" il nuovo web 3.0, ma è solo UNO dei progetti nati dalla fondazione Web3 e con a capo il co-fondatore di ethereum ( c'è chi dice la vera mente di ETH ).Come @OhhhSoleeeeMiooooo non voglio shillare nulla nemmeno io, anche perché molti utenti qui dentro sono ben "navigati" e possono tranquillamente approfondire in autonomia e libertà, ma, imho, vedo Polkadot più vicino a Cosmos/Chainlink che ad Elastos.

E comunque, ieri Rong Chen ha comunicato che la sidechain di ethereum non è più limitata ma ad accesso pubblico!!!

Ma avendo investito in un progetto come Elastos e non avendo comprato per esempio ethereum, vuol dire che già tu hai fatto un'analisi :) @luca_986

ragazzi ma come ti danno l'airdrop, c'è qualcosa in particolare da fare, inserire un indirizzo ethereum per esempio?

January 31 A Note from Rong ChenTo compete in the ecosystem arena, one should avoid challenging the status quo. Linux could not challenge Windows in the PC market, and Windows can’t challenge Android in the modern mobile market either. The issue is not that people are unable to build operating systems, it is that once a stable market share distribution is established, it is extremely difficult – not to mention costly – to convert existing ecosystem users.So please do not compare Elastos with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, or others in the blockchain space. If one believes in those projects, by all means, engage them.Elastos is building a Modern Internet of dApps – mobile applications that cannot be manipulated or shut down by third parties. As I have said many times before, I do not believe Ethereum’s dApps are true dApps. That’s where and why I see ample opportunity to build a new continent – that is, a new market for Elastos. A smart contract is only a partial software for payments or archives; it is not a place for programming logic. No one considers the accounting office or file archives to comprise an ENTIRE business in traditional industries. Why should we in blockchain?