it can be something like Welcome to UAE Elastos community

last i checked it was on some 70th or something

Great! Also using the web wallet. I see a huge volume using USDT which is why I was asking, but I think its not available on Bitoasis (only BTC, ETH and couple others)

Can't find it now but , if ur familiar with virtual machines ,then imagine Elastos as a big virtual machine that is running on top of the operating system, wether it's Android or iOS. This virtual machine is called the Elastos run time, and it's separated from the Host operating system

Now you have a token that defines your ownership of something

It's a solid replacement of tether

Iam not a fan of tether

Never keep a single tether xD

Once iam into tether for some reasons and same time all the fud

something like xRapid, but without xrp. With a different currency

min requirements are not much, but you have to implement something durable

So i dont know if its true. Did anyone of you guys receive something similar?

Keep in mind they dont have a trading platform yet, so u deposit and buy/sell from/to their wallets (btc eth xrp and some other coins)