But bro , nothing makes sense in this crypto world , u will see solid project not mooning because of lack of exposure

We only have Chico crypto and blue collar crypto

We only have Chico crypto and blue collar crypto

I started listening to Chico crypto she is quite good and easy to understand

David Ramskill
I use bitoasis aswell

Wish we could have another exhange with higher liquidity. I have signed up with bittrex exchange for direct USD/Crypto. Will let you guys know how it goes when I try it.

Quoting: "A partnership between Al Zarooni Group, Crypto Bulls and Gulf Coin Gold has fostered the launch of the first cryptocurrency exchange registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)"

I feel we are the missing the point behind crypto

crypto is different that utility token and different than security token

I can see this being good for Elastos though, it’s bringing more awareness into crypto

saeed Almazroui
makes dividands automatically and instantaneously transferable

but the problem here is again kyc is required just to abide law which again misses the point of crypto

This can be achieved, but it will create alot of political issues with the US. I strongly believe they are moving to crypto to reduce fees, utilizing blockchain, specifically for direct trading between the two countries, I don't think the international trading pairs would be touched

crypto investors

If every crypto investor took some time to educate the people around him/her , i wonder where we would be right now