I noticed that people positively surprise when they find their home tg group, random FINs been joining the FIN group and been happy its there

and I believe the worst has happened already

Also ELA is funding 100 dappa

Carrier nodes take over the network traffic from the dapps running in the runtime environments. Runtime environments allow applications to run without interacting with the internet. The carrier then connects with the devices utilizing the runtime, and allows for the data to be transferred within the Elastos peer 2 peer decentralized network.

So the dapps, in this example being the streaming channel app, won't have to directly connect to the internet

If anyone of you knows some video calling app, please let me know. I call to dubai on a daily basis and they keep blocking everything so I need to find new app all the time :D

I tried 5 apps and found one, gonna go with it till it gets blocked :D

is that the app you need to pay for?

Please let me know of there is any meet ups happening, I really believe in Elastos

Some Updates for Cyber Republic website that went live this morning: - The CRC Proposals are now live and visible to the public: => Click on "voting" - The website now has a blog feature: You can also get to this site from the main website then clicking on "Blog" - Some Profile Improvements on the site - Anyone can now create/propose a new task for each CRcle. So, if you have an idea that you would like to create a task for along with the appropriate budget, feel free to do so. Then, the CRC will have to approve your task and if approved, it can be open to the public for others to take on and get rewarded upon completion

True..adaption is the key..and the team is verymuch on their way on making it happen

And elastos success will come when we see hundreds of dapps deployed on it

If that happens ...possible

I also have an Ubuntu server rented, wanna deploy on both and test the chat app between them


Guys feel free to try Hyper Messenger, a dapp on the Elastos ecosystem