Any here want to create a super node?

It’s a bit over my head tbh, just keeping to investing

I wanna do it but I'm hesitant to join groups outside uae

beside setting up the system itself

min requirements are not much, but you have to implement something durable

nothing more beautiful than this 😍

I wanna do it but I'm hesitant to join groups outside uae

A UAE supernode would be a great idea. There will be nodes from all over the world, I hope to see the UAE node come true as well.

Haha lets see 😁

Rado welcome to the group

Omar Saad welcome to the group

تحية للجميع، نحن Enter Elastos . نحن مجموعة من أوائل المستثمرين والمساهمين في المجتمع. أعضاؤنا هم من اوائل المستثمرين والمؤمنين بمشروع Elastos. أعضاء مجموعتنا مجموعة من كتاب جمهورية السايبر CR، مساهمون في CR و مطوري برامج يعملون مع فريق Elastos . نود أن نرحب بكم في مجموعة DPoS الخاصة بنا في تلغرام . سنقوم بالرد على جميع أسئلتكم وإعلامكم بأحدث أخبارنا. اننا ننظم أيضًا بعض الأحداث المجتمعية ونمنح عملة Ela بالمجان . يرجى الانضمام إلى مجموعتنا. شكرا.

This is from reddit, not mine

So i dont know if its true. Did anyone of you guys receive something similar?

Seems like a typical UAE regulatory position

The questions man..

Tell us what did you do with ur anonymous currencies

Actually goes to show that privacy coins are truly feared by authorities

The fact they are specifically asking abt xmr and zec, means that the other coins are also tracked

And that everything else can be tracked

And is being tracked

We should ask BitOasis where this is coming from

I will tweet them

Let me know if you get a response, I haven’t had an email from them but I will check myself

I see BitOasis has suspended wire transfers for now due to there bank

Taking credit and debit cards but at 3.5% premium, fuckers.

Anyone here using other platforms that are cheaper and connected to there UAE bank?

Sign up for

Its a new exchange from bahrain

They take 2% fee for cards

And they accept wire transfers from uae banks

Just need to provide documents and verify identity?

They are in early access, but if u send them a follow up email they will easily give u the account

Ive tried to purchase with credit card, went smooth