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For your contribution to the AMA

Good video about Merged mining from Cyber republic

Hey guys Im trying to understand the difference between Cyber Republic and Crcles. Is that Crcles are smaller focused teams within the larger CR structure?

Thanks Saud, has anybody from the group signed up to be part of CR or for any of the leadership roles?

I signed up, I working on a small team to produce Elastos articles in Arabic language

No leadership roles tho

Cyber Republic Weekly Report Dec 10th English version: Republic Weekly Report Dec 10th Chinese version:

Welcome @Deepmoni to the group

@saud9192 @ramski did you guys run a carrier node yet ?

am working on it right now

saw three UAE nodes on peerjet , was hoping its people from this group

Ms Visual studio

I also have an Ubuntu server rented, wanna deploy on both and test the chat app between them

السلام عليكم جميعا

ممكن ترسل لي رسالة؟ لدي موضوع اريد التحدث معك به

وعليكم السلام ورحمه الله وبركاته

الشرح الأخير عن مشروع Elastos :

^ is an infoGraphic series on Elastos in Arabic.

in pdf form too

Thanks for this wonderful contribution

شغل مرتب ونظيف 👍


Guys feel free to try Hyper Messenger, a dapp on the Elastos ecosystem

Encrypted messaging , peer to peer , using the Elastos Carrier

Here is their TG group : @HYPERELASTOS