Alex is don topscot son

I'll check this

Jnt has a interesting token maechanics

True..asset tokenisation is what i believe in

They use JNT as a proof of solvency, to make it scarce

It's a solid replacement of tether

Yes..keeping in mind what is is undervalued

Iam not a fan of tether

Never keep a single tether xD

Once iam into tether for some reasons and same time all the fud

Alot of drama and rumors. And honestly I believe them

I researched and found no transparency

They may be good..but not transparent

Thats what i do..

Kraken, bittrex recently. And in UAE bitoasis

I dont generally trade

i only trade interms of BTC pairs

Increasing my BTC is what i look for

I think we should own one btc each

It should be a justification sonce we are early in the sapce

As a souvenir 😂


So when btc goes to zero u can print and hang ur private key on a wall, and tell ur grand children about how foolish u were

Theres no point for us to be in the space 😂😂😂

BTC is going down.. it should bounce at 6330 .. i hope so is more stable than ever...lets see how long it plays

Am getting old

Nice talk guys , gotta head out. Later

stay safe .. wet roads im some areas...well depends i guess here in abu dhabi it rained heavy

we recieved MSG from AD police to stay home :-p

Are u from abudhabi ?