which is less scamed cause there is check points

anyone can creat ERC 20 now

So let's wait and see how this space turns out.. very exciting momenta

saeed Almazroui
which is less scamed cause there is check points

For now it is true...but in future..there will be many resources in decentralised space with which you can guage

if it is simplified..no issues

saeed Almazroui
anyone can creat ERC 20 now

And there have been some cases were founders are creating a flaws in the smart contract , so they can redirect or recreate tokens later

And onther project last week

We have to be very careful in this space..definitly its a tough task to choose the best..thats where community comes into existence

We can share thoughts can do our research to grow combindly

i believe ripple will be in top 5.

There have been a lot of red lines around these projects , ppl just choose to ignore them

Theres a rumour saying that Naadaq is adding ripple

If that happens ...possible

Who u guys betting on

Beside Elastos ofc

I’m not tbh, I’ve jumped all in ELA

I think a lot of these projects are going to fail

So I moved into a safe haven in ELA

I just think the team will do it

Alot of ERC20 Unnecessary projects

We have the smartest people working on this project

And the more u read Abt it the more u buy

am into XRP and polymath and BABB

The more you realize it’s a blue chip project

Am in Cardano, Neo, JNT ,Komodo and ARK

Am tryin to collect all the consensus protocols 😂

Jnt is Jibrel

Yeah...its an interesting project backed by Don topscott...i like it

Not really backed

He was there for the conference

Am looking into Babb

Not really backed

He is an adviser..he has close connections

First time I heard of it

cause it is undwrvalued

Possible aion and jnt partnership..as alex topscot is associated with aion