We will get logo for us soon and Ill make you and admin just a sec

You could write pinned post here

it can be something like Welcome to UAE Elastos community

Let me write quick one

you will be invited to a closed group soon

You are admin here now, I will stay here at least some time to help you getting started with everything

Alright thanks allot man :)

Is there many people from UAE in official group ?

Ive seen some but I cant remember who

I only remember moonproductions

but definitely remember 3-4 more

It’s good tho it help to grow the community 🙌🙌

I noticed that people positively surprise when they find their home tg group, random FINs been joining the FIN group and been happy its there

Bring all the sheikh here 😬😬

ill invite some of my twitter followers

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I remember btc status in arab community was a question mark for long time but I think I saw news its accepted now

almost everyone here

entered during january

and got screwed

yeah lol, I entered at the end of dec :D

its been buying the dips ever since

it wil lget better

i entered in July

ya , but i hodled like a fool

well, its been a good lesson for everyone :D

and I believe the worst has happened already

here people know about , bitcoin and ripple only