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thats the problem

Yeah. The guys into crypto will already know most probably, as SA peeps normally do their homework.

Welcome @CryptoToit 👋

Busy watching the Chico Crypto interview with Amos from Chill zone - talking about Elastos

Anyone else catch Crypto Larks AMA this morning?

You never know crypto haha

Most of the Elastos community's came to know the Elastos project through Chico Crypto.

So are we in agreement that china project's arevway undervalued as china has not been able to buy crypto in 5 years?

There are 2 projects I've been investigating and investing in to as well; 1) Hacken & PundiX 1- Hacken is a pure service project with an interesting token model. They are already operational and very proffitable and will be more so into the future. 2- PundiX are creating end user infrastructure (PoS devices and now a Blockchain phone) to push and drive adoption of #crypto in the market. Would love for PundiX to co-operate with Elastos! Would also be great when they move to their own blockchian some time next year to maybe do it on Elastos. How do we get these projects to talk to each other?

I am downsizing my car also. Instead of selling off any crypto, I'll rather drive a wheelbarrow for the time being

My worst nightmare, I am glad I invested in a Cryptosteel for my ELA

good videos on Elastos can be seen on Blue Collar Crypto's channel, Blockchain Brad, CryptoFuture and Chico Crypto

havent slept the night and now its all crazy haha, life of crypto

We have the best PR agency in crypto

their opinions and what they think of different happenings in crypto

Chico Crypto uncovered some dodgy stuff going on with Vechain and took them on about it. Vechain followers in terurn vowed to sink ELA.

I'm cool with this. BUT was it's scheduled to be suspended and was this made public? ( I know it was listed as ST) but in this speculative market if information is misconstrued its enough for people to panic /jump ship spark unfounded sell off

Not sure if there was a prior warning about the suspension. Thats crypto mate. Get those bids ready throughtout November if you believe the project is worth your investment. December is a biggie

If so stay away:

I think we should wait until next year after the Beta release etc.. Let the group grow abit, let elastos gain a bit more traction.. Most newbies to crypto focus alot on COinmarketcapp, Elastos will quickly move up the ranks and gain moe traction. I think a cool meetup could be organized in due time.. let things unfold a little

Elastos on Binance? There is Alot of bad blood there... I'm. Sure someone else could explain in detail...

Yeah. Anybody not in the loop, should check out Chico Crypto vids. You'll get the understanding very quickly

So now I'm looking for next big jumper (think it might be switcheo)

I am looking into Own (CHX), because I really see the need for it in my day to day work! But if I pull the trigger it’ll be a small portion of my salary going that way, I am not moving my crypto funds around anymore because I always miss pumps because of that haha

Enjoying Chico Cryptos videos. Did not find any video discussing why Binance not listing us. Anyone invested or did further research on his research on Bezant and Chain link. Sound interesting and projects um going to research more. But I dont agree on his VET outlook. I'm sure that some of us in this group is invested in VET right?

Has anyone else have a Crypto . com (MCO) VISA card on order? Don’t have a min of 50MCO to stake so have ordered the free card. 83k people ahead of me in the q

😒 The moment i spend R1 on crypto, $BTC dumps! Next time i will give you all a heads up so you can profit from me moving the markerts!! 😬😭

Guys I just read article about a Johannesburg resident being kidnapped husband crypto holdings, lost about $100k

My keypad prediction is drunk, I ment kidnapped for his crypto holdings

Some idiot was probably bragging about his crypto portfolio ...

Who is still buying crypto?

So who are giving there better half’s crypto for Xmas? 😅

MDT 🇿🇦
So who are giving there better half’s crypto for Xmas? 😅

I gave my mother a birthday crypto present in Jan, not very happy about it now 😂😂

Do the work with our Rand?
Not sure dude... Any $ payment should do an auto conver to R on you bank side. PS another place i saw where you can use a CC to buy Crypto: USDT is not one of the options, but you can conver to USDT

You guys all on Twitter? Share your hadles if you want a follow: @CryptoToit

Hi guys. Not sure if any one here have looked into the new exchange VALR. looks very promising to me. They are affiliated with Bittrex and have access to their security systems hot and cold wallets etc. More importantly they will list more than 50 crypto projects that is also listed on Bittrex. We will be able to directly trade with our worthless ZAR and not our valuable BTC. IT hurts me every time when I'm trading my BTC For alts and most Alts lost value against BTC. If all my trades was in ZAR I would not have felt so bad about this bear market for sure. Its ZAR who cares. Some important info. When u sign up with a referral code u save 10% in trading fees if people sign up with ur link u can save up to 15 or so per referral. They pay u 0.1% as a market maker as u creating liquidity on the exchange. We as early users promote and get paid I like that idea. I would love to have access to projects such as FACTOM and HYDRO with ZAR. We can push for ELA to be listed and buy our no 1 project with our ZAR. Security also looks great. Let me know if I'm allowed to share my referral link here. Check it out looks really promising to me.

For sure but lm sure most exchanges probably do . Trading in ZAR man that works for me. Has SARS updated feedback on their approach to crypto?

@CryptoToit can you confirm your issue is resolved with the wallet

Awesome. Thanks bru. Last question of all the available wallets for the other crypto options that the wallet can store its still ur wallet of preference? Thanks for ur time bru. Much appreciated.

@JuhannCrypto I got your message on Twitter to ELA News, I tried adding you anypeer but it didn't go through. And thanks for your vote 🙌

Any crypto traders here...apart from the spam bots? 😝