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[Telecoms Vodacam and MTN Examining Blockchain Technology Benefits] According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, Vodacom and MTN are attempting to comprehend how to employ Blockchain Technology to enhance inter-carrier settlements and number porting are engaging in a testing experiment. An MTN source indicated that the telco giant has been scrutinizing how Blockchain technology can be utilized in automation of roaming transactions via Smart Contracts to ensure effortless number porting and effective inter-carrier arrangements. (Get free real-time news on app: iOS: Android: Read More
Matthys Strydom
Was still cautious, so only bought a relative small amount, but hey, looking at the ath it will be worth it when the bulls come out again 😃

"I understand there is nasty words in the telegram groups about us, I was afraid there would be rotten tamatoes and shoes being thrown at me arriving at the hotel, fortunately non of that happened." "A couple of months ago we were all going to be rich, then reality kicked in and the whole market went bear." "I got a call 3 months ago from the 2nd ELA private investor (feng is the 1st) that the price of ELA was too high, the high price would have a bad influence on adoption of international investors" "I know about the manipulation on exchanges and have spoken with plenty of people in the industry, I got a couple of proposals from third parties to pump to price of ELA to higher levels, I rejected those proposals." "We want to make money out of this, but we will have to wait for a bull market." Feng making a comparison to Apple's grand vision; Elastos wants to change the internet. "Regarding NEO, in some areas we are becoming competitors, that is why G3 didnt happen. We did establish G2 (Bitmain partnership). I hope next bull market both NEO and ELA are in the top 3 in the industry." "200,000 ELA Wall street fund created." "A Wall Street research team that I asked to do a value benchmark on Elastos compared it to Apple and its 1 trillion usd marketcap in the future, after proper examination of our project. We are the Apple in blockchain projects for the future!

Awesome news and definitely the right direction. DA from Neo did the same kind of initiative with schools, to teach children about blockchain basics.

Blockchain brad is a star, so calm, collected and to the point

There are 2 projects I've been investigating and investing in to as well; 1) Hacken & PundiX 1- Hacken is a pure service project with an interesting token model. They are already operational and very proffitable and will be more so into the future. 2- PundiX are creating end user infrastructure (PoS devices and now a Blockchain phone) to push and drive adoption of #crypto in the market. Would love for PundiX to co-operate with Elastos! Would also be great when they move to their own blockchian some time next year to maybe do it on Elastos. How do we get these projects to talk to each other?

good videos on Elastos can be seen on Blue Collar Crypto's channel, Blockchain Brad, CryptoFuture and Chico Crypto

ios Elephant update: v1.2 Jan 29, 20191. Support ELA DID (unique blockchain ID)2. Support 3rd party authorization with ELA DID3. Added the entry for "Create an ELA red packet"4. Fixed crash bug when certain language is selected

*** Main Net Upgrade Announcement ***The Elastos Blockchain Team will upgrade the main net node from March 29th - 2:00AM UTC to March 30th - 10:00AM UTC (32 hours).During this upgrade process, the web wallet, SPV and Elephant wallet, blockchain browser and sidechain services will be suspended or unable to update data. After the upgrade is completed, the related services will return to normal functionality. Upon completion, the consensus mode on Elastos main net will be changed from AUXPoW that enables merge mining with BTC to AUXPoW+DPoS.Elastos Blockchain TeamMar 28, 2019

The Elastos Technology Team plans to upgrade the web wallet and blockchain browser from 3 April 2019, 1:00pm to 4 April 2019, 4:00am UTC. During the upgrade period, the Elastos web wallet and the blockchain browser will not function normally.This upgrade will fix minor bugs and inaccuracies experienced in the blockchain browser data.Elastos Technology Team April 3, 2019

Important take for me from this...ElastOS is not "replacing" the current internet ...its blockchain is running on the Bitcoin blockchain (Ela is merged mined with BTC)Its rather a one-to-one comparison with Windows (Microsoft or Google as Operating Systems