Helo Imran 🤓 are you trading Ela? 🥳

Helo Cameron and Mathias 🥳 will you load Trinity?


An excellent fundamental overview of ElastOS for those who want to understand their investment better 😋

Important take for me from this...ElastOS is not "replacing" the current internet ...its blockchain is running on the Bitcoin blockchain (Ela is merged mined with BTC)Its rather a one-to-one comparison with Windows (Microsoft or Google as Operating Systems

My understanding correct TMan??

Interesting thought 🤓 with Bitcoin halving coming up...and Ela merge mined on BTC = an effective halving on Ela too == upwards price impact similar to tge one expected for BTC

T I 🇿🇦
ELA blockchain is not run on bitcoin, they just mined together

👌👍😃 thank you. ..I misunderstood the developer in the video then...he said something in that sounded like that 😝

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Eish...they never give up😜

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