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Helo Admin...any life on this planet 😋😃

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Thank you bot! 😋👌

This spam is like a cancer 😝

This planet has live after all 😋😂 ...can all non-bot live say aaii...including new comers 🥳

Anyone interest to merge mine Ela?... shall we go through tge learning and setup together? ? 😋

Any crypto traders here...apart from the spam bots? 😝

Ela is showing signs of a bull trend coming?

1D showing a green bud 😁 what do you think?

Bots even control the books 🤦‍♂


Poof💥 🧙‍♂ hello or goodbye. rude 😝

Elastos on luno would be good

What about Altcoin Trader or eToro?...will anybody here be interested to merge mine Ela with BTC?..Im exploring. .you welcome to join the learning curve 😋🤓

Who is downloading Trinity browser next week?

Now Google is blocking MetaMask after tge YouTube debacle...Elastos needs to step up to the plate urgently!!

Looking forward to Trinity with great expectation! !

Great!...can one run MetaMask from there?

Nice!...the wallet only for Ela...?

Any other members here up to speed with Trinity...?..anyone with their DIDs in place yet?

Ghost town 👻 😂😂😂😂

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Hi Jackson 😋 I see you're a NEM fan like me too?

Do you think NEM will be a good fit as a ElastOS side chain?

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Eish..try normal conversation guys 😁

Bloody rude to walk into someone's home and srart shooting from the hip without even a helo and some introduction 😝