Great initiative!

Most of you are probably in Gauteng or?

Problems of a large country, scattered communities haha

Great initiative!

It was long pending, now we can build together a strong Elastos Community in South Africa.

I am only part time in South Africa. Am Dutch, live in sweden and married to a South African haha. We have a family place in Somerset West where I try to be during European winters

T I 🇿🇦
That's nice, you don't see winter 😄

Trust me I do! Unfortunately I can't afford to be away 6 months every year

Maybe if ELA explodes over the next few years

Welcome to the Elastos South African Community! We are a group of enthusiasts who believe in the technology being built by Elastos. Our goal is to gather and invite more people into a vibrant and knowledgable community that helps to spread awareness and knowledge of the Elastos ecosystem and how it can help businesses and individuals manage their data, build usable dApps and create digital wealth online. We will do this through the scheduling of regular meetups with the support of the Elastos Foundation, where topics of interest can be discussed, updates shared and dApp developers can network and share their work. Please support us by inviting more people into this group that you know are invested or interested in dApp development on the blockchain. LATEST UPDATES: ***“We are inventing the future. Think about surfing on the front edge of a wave. It’s really exhilarating. Now think about dog-paddling at the tail end of that wave. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun. Come down here and make a dent in the universe.” - Weekly Update - 21 September 2018*** Elastos Commences Merge Mining with Bitcoin, Cyber Republic and Alpha Smartweb Elastos Anniversary Event Elastos Ecosystem Airdrop – Bit.Game Elastos TV Box To Bring 1 Million Carrier Nodes By End Of Year Elastos Video Contest Winners Elastos Welcomes Luis Llovera To Advisory Board Elastos Ecosystem Airdrops Notice ELA NEWS now official Elastos platform Elastos Infographic Contest BEGINNERS GUIDES A Non-Developer Beginner's Guide A Developer Beginner's Guide RESOURCES: Elastos Wallet: Wallet FAQ Using the Wallet Guide Official Website Elastos News Roadmap Elastos Carrier Blockchain Explorer GitHub Gitlab SOCIAL MEDIA Discord Facebook Facebook Group Twitter Reddit Medium Youtube Instagram Official Telegram News Channel International Telegram Community COMMMUNITY RULES -English only -No promotions -Focus on ELA -No bad mouthing -If you get a warnings, respect them -Add value to discussion -Share relevant news

So glad to be. Such a fan of the project. Rebuilding the web we are the future

Welcome @sidiquebham 🙌

Anyone bought the dip?

cheaper than ICO price

Crowdsale price was 11-15 So you can say crowdsale price

Feel like liquidating everything and going all in

I did that with Neo last year this time 😄

I thought it was 17?

I took part in the token sale

Ah ohk that makes sense. Have we done the ERC20 wallet upadate yet for airdrops?

Should be in the next couple of weeks

T I 🇿🇦
Feel like liquidating everything and going all in

Same here, I did sell my worthless morpheus Today and turned it into Elastos!

I bought in between 30 and 24 usd

Just gotta hold tight now

I bought in between 30 and 24 usd

Still very nice, plenty people (including myself) who bought most at 50$ or more

Let's just hope that all goes well with their exchange listings and roadmap

Market cap is so small there is definitely potential for massive growth

Indeed, fingers crossed!