Highlight of node (supernode participant)BIT.GAME is an important entrance to the blockchain game field for the Elastos. If we are elected, the node rewards will mainly be used to provide various ELA blockchain games with liquidity through the Higgs network, and the rest is allocated to voting supporters. BGX is currently an ERC20 token on Ethereum, with a total volume of 5 billion. We plan to gradually destroy 500 million ERC20 tokens by June 2019 and issue 500 million new BGX (ELASTOS) tokens on the Elastos token sidechain. These BGXs will serve as credentials for the distribution of node revenue. The 500 million BGX (ELASTOS) will be distributed as follows:100 million BGX(ELASTOS), held by the BIT.GAME Foundation;200 million BGX(ELASTOS) for user-held BGX (ERC20) for redemption, the conversion ratio is 1:1;200 million BGX(ELASTOS) for voting rewards. Thanks to the community members for their support of BIT.GAME. In the past year,, the world’s first blockchain game asset-trading platform, has successfully launched and achieved a steady development with some in-depth cooperation with a number of excellent blockchain games, which are in turn brought onto the Elastos ecosystem. I hope that everyone can pay more attention to these game projects, both in terms of investment potential and game content, as their qualities are of leading position in the field.”

Main Net Upgrade AnnouncementThe Elastos Blockchain Team will upgrade the main net node from March 29th - 2:00AM UTC to March 30th - 10:00AM UTC (32 hours).During this upgrade process, the web wallet, SPV and Elephant wallet, blockchain browser and sidechain services will be suspended or unable to update data. After the upgrade is completed, the related services will return to normal functionality. Upon completion, the consensus mode on Elastos main net will be changed from AUXPoW that enables merge mining with BTC to AUXPoW+DPoS.Elastos Blockchain TeamMar 28, 2019
This week, Feng Han was on the move once again, speaking at the Xian Community exchange meeting and presenting his own lecture on Golden Finance. In the week ahead the Elastos Foundation will be running a booth at the University of California, Irvine to connect and network with students and other blockchain ventures and founder Rong Chen will be speaking at UNESCO headquarters in Paris at an event focused on the applications of blockchain designed for social good.
We just created our two nodes with Noderators. Special thanks to some tuna with slight help.

Elastos Upgrade Announcement: Elastos Main Net will be upgraded on June 3, from 1am-10am UTC to optimize DPoS consensus performance and improve node connection stability. During this time, only the recently released Elastos Wallet for mobile will be functional.

11 hours left for memefest
​​​​Thank you for supporting the Noderators Supernodes Jazz🎷, Watermelon🍉 and Champagne🍾We are using 25% of the supernode rewards to fund projects and tasks benefitting you and the whole Elastos ecosystem. Our first success story is the collaboration between the Noderators and ELLIPAL to get ELA supported on their hardware wallet in July. To celebrate the first hardware wallet listing ELA, we will give away 30 ELLIPAL to our voters, one every week until the end of 2019.If you don‘t want to wait and order an ELLIPAL right away, click the button below and use the code ELA to get 20% discount on your order.
The Elastos Blockchain Development Team has upgraded the ELA Wallet. Version 1.3.1 is now available for download for iOS and Version 1.0.2 is now available for Android.This update includes:1. Optimized wallet startup speed;2. Fixed two bugs that caused the app to crash;3. Optimized system compatibility with previous versions;4. Optimized the English translation content;5. Optimized interface UI details.Note: Please make sure your wallet mnemonic has been backed up before upgrading to the new version.iOS download: download:
Elastos on CoinEx Accelerator.Details:3000 ELA to be won1. Display duration: Sep 2 - 8:00 Sep 9, 2019 (UTC)2. Acceleration duration: 8:00 - 12:00 Sep 9, 2019 (UTC)3. Drawing time: 12:00 Sep 9, 2019 (UTC)ELA Service1. Deposit and withdrawal services: 8:00 Sep 2, 2019 (UTC)2. Trading: 12:30 Sep 09, 2019 (UTC)3. Trading pairs: ELA/BTC, ELA/BCH, ELA/USDT

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