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Salutare. Nu regăsesc nodul ain aceasta lista. De ce?

salut, da nodul este listat acolo

Cum aveți de gând sa procedați cu incentive la voturile pe care le primiți? Cine susține nodul?

Am întrebat pe grup acum ceva timp daca e cineva interesat sa susținem un supernode insa nu am primit feedback si nu s-a finalizat nimic.

Great news! 📣 We broke our🇨🇭cheese caveau and we’ll be giving out red packets to our supporters like it’s raining ! 🤑 Stay tuned on @elate_ch for more, starting out soon 🕑

Hey folks, just few votes away from the next batch of cheesy red packets! 🤩🔥🐳 Support us and join @elate_ch for more 💪🏻😍

Hey thanks all voters for the support! Starting soon a new give-away of red (cheese) packets 🇨🇭🤩. Join @elate_ch and enjoy!

Elastos updates from DEX
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CRC Whitepaper: A Consensus Mechanism For Community Governance

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