Una din metode ce prezintă cum sa primesti recompensa daca votezi acel DPOS supernode

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Intro informativ la Elastos Carrier

Aveți aici lista cu supernodurile candidate momentan, 74 la număr

au scos elastos trinity ???

parca luna trecuta era lansarea

rong a zis ca in aprilie ................

Dear Elastos Community,⚠ Only 2 days left before our third and biggest event. Lots of $ELA will be given away. So don't miss this opportunity. Taking into consideration the positive feedback that we've receive from you about the last two quizzes , we decided to make the third quiz different and remarkable.The third quiz event will be huge and different. It will last for 3 days and the schedule will be as follows:1st day: We'll make a quiz of 10 questions. 1 ELA for each correct answerWhen? : May the 6th at 7pm GMT+1Where? : Elastos Main chat group @elastosgroup 2nd day: We'll make a quiz of 10 questions . 1 ELA for each correct answerWhen? : May the 7th at 7pm GMT+1Where? : Ela Republic group @ELARepublic3rd day: We'll make a quiz of 20 questions . 1 ELA for each correct answer. We'll also give away some ELA red packets. When? : May the 8th at 7pm GMT+1Where? : Enter Elastos group @EnterElastos
Dear community,Due to the overwhelming support that we received from you and to express our gratefulness, Yesterday we decided to send a little reward to every single address that voted for us. We split around 18 $ELA among all the voting addresses. If you use the Elephant Wallet you must be able to see the little reward transaction with a special word of gratefulness from the Enter Elastos team. We rewarded the voters based on two parameters:-How many $ELA they used for voting-whether they voted for the 3 supernodes together or only some nodes.The reward was based on the following rule:1-If Tom used X amount of $ELA to vote for the three supernodes he'll get Y amount of $ELA as a reward.2-If Tom used X amount of $ELA to vote for 2 supernodes he'll get Y/2 amount of $ELA as a reward.3-If Tom used X amount of $ELA to vote for 1 supernode he'll get Y/3 amount of $ELA as a reward.🚀 Enter Elastos is pleased to be the first community pool to start rewarding the voters even before the start of the DPoS elections. ⚠ Please note that phase 5 hasn't started yet and our Supernodes do not generate any $ELA so far. The $ELA that we distributed is our own.⚠ The model that we distributed yesterday was just an incentive model. The payment Method that we'll adopt once the DPoS goes live is still the #Sword_Method

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O sa foloseasca elastos

Spike ul de aia e?