Ill invite all the crypto investors here

Most of the crypto investors here in Cebu are developers

@cryptofinderz @Ninpitogo thank you :)

Nin Pitogo
Bch war still going on

ok lang naman on operations, as forecast by the company. So, like cryptos, price may be soft, but operations continue to scale up

crypto is not going away

Krisha with Paolo Bediones of Loyalcoin, a local celebrity, and owner of crypto events bar Punts Mandala.

@polly1925 @Ninpitogo check nyo nlang dito mga bro yung full TA. Elastos Channel kasi ito. Channel yan ng mga Cryptofiles na naiipon namin.

Hope it can help you all. We will be using that channel to promote elastos and other crypto na worth it. We will be posting some Fundamental analysis. Kaya feel free to share it with others. Gusto sana namin magtagalog, kaso balak ng mga friends ko na ishare din kasi sa mga foreigners. Kaya pure english nalang.

.com sounds stupid? Yeah it does to all the people before. Same thing goes on crypto right now.Web 3.0 is coming!!

maybe near the bottom for crypto

There is an Auto-Download Crypto Virus spreading on Telegram 🚨🚨Everyone needs to turn off auto downloads in Telegram settings, even on mobile!Go to Settings -> Data and storage -> Disable auto downloads#security

we're not really focussed on the coin on the exchanges, we're talking to local wallets to add ela to supported cryptos so devs building apps may directly exhange their coin to local fiat

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Removes 10 Tokens As They Fail to Maintain Listing Criteria

at De la Salle - Benilde Continuing Education. I spoke on blockchain and crypto tailored for a non techie non trader audience, and predented elastos as the technology for a secure internet where content creators may publish their works. Benilde offers courses in animation and content creation, such as web, digital arts, and film.

“maximum privacy and security” looks good on a landing page, but if your only contribution is porting things to a new platform, and *not* in cryptography, you’re doing it wrong's the article made up of all the awesome info from @Ccoombs

Here’s the way I see things:Elastos is no doubt an incredible project. The sheer scale and vision behind the technology is mind boggling. The team seem to be delivering with regards to the development and we are receiving coherent updates as per the weekly reports et al. You also cannot fault Rong’s passion for his lifetimes work. This project SHOULD be top 25 at the very least. But, as with all things in life if the corporate governance in any business never mind a crypto enterprise is not executed properly then every bit of greatness can be undermined by the frailties in the structure.It has been apparent for a long time that there is issues within the Elastos structure. Rong admits himself that he has distanced himself for the operations and it seems KP is doing the job of 5 executives. Donnie is nowhere to be seen especially in the community where you would think it would be pertinent for him to pop in now and again. Fay, well... is she still here or is she not. Nobody knows....Meanwhile, Feng is travelling the globe doing deals with banks, universities and others not to mention the “Manhattan Project”. None of which are anywhere to be seen yet.The decision making of the leadership team from the start has been the main issue that has led us to the situation we find ourselves in.1) Tokenomics (Not thought through)2) Marketing (lack of)3) Exchanges (Lack of)4) Unlock (Disaster)5) Partners (No updates)6) Partners Dumping (ViewChain)7) Angels Dumping (Obviously)8) Lawsuits (incoming)9) The original Token Sale (Angel v Token Sale)10) Lack of leadership 11) Merged Mining (Disaster)12) Elephant Wallet (Well)It seems like the team are on a boat with everyone paddling in different directions. Everyone is paddling hard but there is no captain to time the strokes and lead the boat out of the stormy seas and into the clear water. In my honest opinion these are some of the reasons why we find ourselves in this situation. We need impartial leader. A visionary who is not a coder, a dev, a person not bias to the dream. Once this person whoever it may be steps up then the structure can be organised and the momentum can resume. Where Elastos goes from here - I do not know. But I have no doubt that they see the issues... they must. It’s going to be a fight, it’s going to require some hard decisions. But if they want this project to survive and flourish then they must firstly get the house in order then and only then can the dream become a reality. Pablo

Thanks for pointing out that EF is not CR. We are not going to expose full financial details, nor BTC addresses, partially due to legal matters. However, I do invite Elastos community to select one or two people with CPA license to come to come to Beijing at foundation’s cost, sign a NDA, sit down with the auditing firm and Elastos accountants to find out whether Elastos foundation is true to its words. Here are some simple math: 1400 BTC in six months, in terms of average BTC price of each month, comes to 4.5 to 5 million USD. Reading through weekly reports and the EOY report, Elastos Smartweb takes at least 100 engineers including outsourcing plus supporting staff to build, whether it’s really very efficient team or not, you may ask Jimmy or anyone with IT management that you trust. 5,000,000 divided by 100 employees, divided by 6 months, comes to 8333 dollars per month salary, plus office rent, travels, BD, PR, legal, social security benefits, everything. Is it too high? I hope people could see the simple logic behind before they fud. ELA expenditure is for bonuses, incentives for partners, etc.How many crypto projects are as clean and as transparent? I dare to challenge you all!

Do you read the EOY report? Elastos foundation is NOT a typical nonprofit organization. First it’s crypto only, through two crowd founding, total about 6500 BTC or NEO equivalent; secondly, Elastos foundation has never sold ELA through exchanges or other ventures to raise more funds; thirdly, Elastos foundation has no normal source of income. The most important fact is that ELA holders do not own any shares or in titles any rewards from Elastos foundation. ELA is the base token for the Elastos Smartweb. After the Q2 launch of the autonomous running Elastos Smartweb, the well-being of Elastos foundation would not affect the new web from running. The longer we keep the foundation going, the smoother the ride for all ELA holders, including me. Given the run rate and what I said about 2019 and 2020 runway. Don’t you think all could write a financial report yourself?

what is BBOD ?

Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency futures trading platform that provides a real-time, ultra-fast matching engine in conjunction with decentralised, secure blockchain based settlement.BBOD accepts deposits in the stable coin TrueUSD (TUSD) and offers futures trading on 16 cryptocurrencies against TUSD, enabling one to make profits from both rising and falling cryptocurrency prices.

with Enrico Robles of UnionBank, Miko Ilas of Binance, and James Florentino of Merge Commit at the launch of the UnionBank Crypto ATM

APO 🇵🇭
mahirapan tyo mg cash out sa bullrun pg P20k lng ang daily withdrawal limit. 😁😁

iniisip ko kung taxable naba ngayon ang crypto. last time ako nagresearch hindi pa. may update ba, we need to consider it + bank/transaction fee.

APO 🇵🇭
it's for regular pinoys not for crypto traders.

Yes if you see it that way, its an additional option and our goal is to spread awareness and increase adoption and in the long run everybody will benefit from this technology, both regular pinoys and crypto traders

attending a talk by Union Bank of the Philippines on their journey with blockchain was sn eye opener for me. First, they spoke about their blockchain settlement system among rural banking peers. Fairly common, and what one would expect to see. But, the rest of the talk was about their use of blockchain for mundane tasks - document tracking, human resource records, operating manuals. Then it occured to me that for every crypto project, there will be 99 blockchain projects for mundane tasks.

napasali ko d2 dahil ky APO 🇵🇭 nakak relate kosa knya sa lose halos ndi kmi nagkakalayo. differnece lng mayman xia at ako'y isa hampas lupa ofw nagpapakaalipin sa ibang bansa upang my ma invest sa crypto at lambo lambo dream😂

ok sna sahud ko d2 eh na peste lng sa crypto 2 yrs ko nagbyad sa crypt

every month halos suamsagad ko sa card kaka invest sa crypto

ksasgasgan ng crypto maniac nun

I know this is a long post. I posted it also last night, but it just demonstrates the exceptional intellect and caliber of the team behind this amazing project.About the TeamChen Rong, Founder and Board Member of elastos:Rong is a professor for postgraduate modules in Cyber Intelligent Economy and Blockchain at Tsinghua University. He is also one of the most respected Tsinghua alumni. Rong worked at Microsoft from 1992 to 2000. During his time there, he led the teams of Microsoft Research OS, IE3 ActiveX, Ole Automation, .COM, and .NET. He proposed various new ideas on the technology of Operating Systems 30 years ago, but failed to see progress until the launch of Windows 10 and the development of blockchain. It is now possible to make an OS environment safer and more efficient. When he left Microsoft, Rong started working on the Elastos OS. He founded Kortide in 2000 to build elastos OS from scratch. Elastos has been supported by Foxconn, the Chinese Central Government, Tsinghua University, and most recently, a pre-ICO. Rong had been invited by the former Premiere of China to speak at the Great Hall of the People about his work on Operating Systems.Han Feng, Board Member of elastos:Feng is one of the most reputable blockchain thinkers in China, respected and recognized by tens of thousands of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. At Tsinghua University, he initiated the postgraduate modules on Cyber Intelligent Economy and Blockchain. Feng’s book "Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth" was a 2017 best-seller on Amazon China. He also led the translation and editing of Blockchain, Blue Print of a New Economy in 2014, which was the first book about blockchain in China. Feng is an advisor to the Huawei Research Institute, blockchain development at Alibaba, and is also a member of the Tencent Talent Pool.Angel InvestorsDa Hongfei, NEO Founder Tony Tao, NEO Co-founder Jihan Wu, Bitmain Co-founderAdvisorsXueyong Gu Professor at Tsing Hua UniversityDean of iCenter International ExchangeJihan WuBitmain Co-founderDa Hongfei NEO FounderZiheng Zhou Adviser and member of the Academic Committee for Alibaba Research Institute

@cryptofinderz Hi. if i used my 2k ela on my elephant wallet to vote for 36 nodes and then i transferred 100 more ela into my wallet and i used that 100 ela to vote for 36 nodes. will my 2k ela votes get cancelled? bc i made a new transaction or it'll just add for a total of 2.1k votes?

Philippines cryptohub of asia

Dear community,I need your help! I have been a token holder of Elastos for a long time. I have invested heavily in what I believe is one of the worlds greatest technological developments in the Blockchain sector. We are all likely to be thinking the same otherwise we wouldn’t be here.Outside of crypto I operate a network of businesses that focus on the blockchain sectors and work with a various top 50 projects to great success.I have been thinking for a while on how I could assist Elastos personally. Today I have submitted a proposal to the Cyber Republic in which I believe could dramatically help. I am using all resources available to me to put this together including at a personal cost. I have proposed a heavily subsidised solution that in my professional opinion represents extraordinary value to Elastos not to mention a 6 month commitment from me and my resources. Please lend support in taking us forward. We need it. Thank you

Starting from 2020, market share is everything for Elastos. Anything else, such as who has better tech or who has won what rewards, does not matter that much. Developers should put things in perspective: the value of all crypto combined is less than a fifth of Microsoft or Apple or Amazon, which literally means crypto projects are not where money is. And I also read somewhere that all crypto projects combined have about 15K active daily users, which tells us that crypto projects are not where tech is for consumers. Developers should also know that there is only room for one new internet because all third party software vendors have limited resources so they would develop apps for the top market leader first.Market share, market share, and market share!

are you new in crypto?

not so much in the crypto thing but am more on research of how blockchain in used in different business models, like secured payments thing