Citizens of the Republic,We are almost at the time where the 1st unlock will be unleashed (12pm Beijing Time on the 5th November).Ultimately no one can predict what a a hoard of token holders will do. There are 1.5 million tokens being released in total.Notwithstanding this, people will sell either some to release liquidity in their portfolio or in some cases all. Of course some token holders will HODL.But as it goes there will be significant selling pressure on the exchanges which should lead to a fall in price in theory. This should allow some bargain buying.Should the price drop it will in all likelihood bounce very quickly as people will come out of tether or bitcoin and start to FOMO back in. So be on your guard.Also, throughout the course of today watch for potential news coming from the Elastos team. This may be used as a catalyst to reduce the selling pressure (this is doubtful) but need to prepare for this too as could result in some people getting REKT.Stay smart, remain vigilant and sit it out if you are not confident in what you are doing.It’s going to be an exciting 24 hours. I guess anyone will be happy knowing this!

there's too many of them.. IDK how many global/worldwide blockchain/bitcoin/crypto founadtions/associations etc we need

It is time for our daily prayer! Our Satoshi, who art in Heaven. Bitcoin be the name. Your miners come. Your blockchain be done, in Altcoins as it is in ELA. Give us our Lambos with daily bull runs and forgive us our Fud, as we forgive those who panic sell against us. Lead us not into Fomo but deliver us from Fiat. For Crypto is the Kingdom and the Power. Forever and Ever. Amen

3-5 years from now parang bitcoin to

3-5 years from now parang story lang to ng Bitcoin

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Bch war still going on

History lesson:- People feared electricity- People feared first train- People feared first plane- People feared the internet- People feared hedge funds- People feared BitcoinPeople fear what they don't understand. Don't get caught on the wrong side of history.

ELARepublic Just tweeted ********************************************** After 8 years an account that is allegedly #Satoshi Nakamoto’s became active and one word was posted. “Nour”. This means light in Arabic. What can this mean? Light comes after darkness after all. #bitcoin #spooky

BITCOINIn 2011 we went down from ATH 93% And bounced +257%2014 we went down from ATH 85.4%And bounced +85.4%We are down around 82%, 85% puts us in $3000 region And if we bounce +85% we are at $5600Big Question: Will the Log trend break like it did for Eth? Then $1-2k BTC#bitcoin #history

“Internet of things” elastos bitcoin “most secure”

Di na safe yung mining 😅

Q. It is understood that ELA will implement joint mining with Bitcoin and borrow the strong computing power of Bitcoin to ensure security. However, if there are fewer miners using joint digging in the early stage, will there be a risk of being attacked by a 51% computing power for a long time like the previous altcoin system? So I would like to know about the actual implementation plan of joint mining, and there is no corresponding plan.****Answer:At present, it is also going to jointly mine with the mining pool, and will gradually connect to other BTC and BCH mining pools. Since the mining pool is one of the three major BTC mines, its calculation power has long been ranked first in the BTC mining capacity. If the 51% attack is launched, it must have more than the mining pool.According to the development plan, the consensus mechanism will be upgraded from Auxpow to Auxpow+DPoS. The blocks generated by the miners need to be confirmed by the arbitrators to further reduce the risk of being attacked by the calculation and the mine work, and to ensure the safety and credibility of the main side chain.-Austrader

Thought I would share this here so everyone here is aware. Someone asked on our reddit: if the ela value comes from the transactions, how is ela handling solving transactions per second issue?And I replied with: Elastos has main chain for ID verification and payment transactions only. For everything else including smart contracts, sidechains will be utilized. Read our beginners guide on what the main chain and sidechains are designed to do. Elastos is not aiming for the fast transaction per second with its main chain. That is not the goal. The main goal of ela mainchain is to secure the elastos network so that is the reason PoW is utilized as it’s merged mining with btc and as we know, PoW has stood the test of time while other consensus mechanisms are still in their infancy. To be clear, a single ela block can contain unlimited number of transactions unlike btc block that can only hold about 1 MB of transactions. This alone will solve scalability issues that bitcoin has. And sidechains architecture solves the scalability issues that ethereum has. Here’s the kicker. Whenever a dapp built on elastos platform tries to perform transactions in ela, this is the only thing that will go through elastos mainchain and because of the architecture elastos has, this transaction will be super fast as the mainchain and sidechains are tightly coupled together. The reason your ela transfer in huobi takes such a long time is because it’s outside the elastos platform. When dapps are built on elastos platform, the ela transfer back and forth between these said DApps and between mainchain and sidechain will be ultra fast. Combine that with ela block being able to store unlimited number of transactions, the TPS issue is gone altogether along with scalability issues.

With the hybrid consensus elastos has, u have 3 layers of security. In order to attack the elastos network, 3 things would need to happen which is extremely unlikely:- take control of 51% hashrate of PoW miners. Good luck with this. If this were to happen, that means not just elastos, but bitcoin would be in trouble too lol- take control of all the 24/36 supernodes that are elected via voting. Which is again enormously difficult to do- take control of at least one of the 12 CRC node. Which means you would have to bribe the council members and secretariats of Cyber Republic to collude with you All of those have to happen to attack the elastos network. As u can see, this is next to impossible and not very practical no matter how much resources u got 🤷‍♂️

On the 14nd of February 2019, V-Day, is destined to be a day worthy of being included in history.On this day, a disruptive blockchain epic which will play a huge role in identity security, internet freedom, private social-networking as well as decentralized finance and commerce— V-Dimension, will be fully launched!The ICEX currency high-multiplier conversion and Genesis Game officially begin. The client-end PC wallet and the light wallet both get posted for download. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, we need to pay our high respects to Nakamoto and all previous blockchain application dev. teams and participants. It is because of everyone's tireless research on blockchain that we can stand on the shoulders of the giants and announce the arrival of V-Dimension to the world.This time, we will completely disrupt the future! This time, we will redefine freedom! Let us look forward to a beautiful world of privacy and wealth freedom.The VDS Chain Full Scale Launch't miss out on ICEX, the currency conversion high multiplier!! Project Release
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The VDS Full Nodes Have Finished Block Synchronization Here’s How to Calculate the Resonance V-Pool Conversion Ratio Whitepaper has collected 1,150 Bitcoin! 150 Bitcoin rewards are guaranteed for the Genesis Game!!! is VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start

# Opinion on Financial ReportThe report is a top level summary of the Financial expenditure of the Elastos Foundation over the last 6 months.In a generalist sense the expenditure relates to approximately 650,000 ELA and 740 Bitcoin over this period. Taking an average this equates to 866,000 USD per Calendar Month. The first thing that is obvious is the lack of detail in the report. To be frank this is a top level summary and not a report.There is lack of information on key expenses like details behind the investment or funds provided to projects like Viewchain or Fresco.In essence the report (summary) provides no detailed commentary on these events which many would argue are the most pertinent.Also there is no information given the burn rate of approximately $866K per month of the funds available. Rong mentioned around 1.5 years of funds remaining. This would mean that the foundation would have “available” around $15,600,000.Its all a little sparse and requires further disclosure.

elalliance distributed 1299 ELA are the rewards figures from elallianceWeFilmchain 398Tyro 357AnyPeer 350elafans 335greengang 323RUOLAN 310河北社区 220Witzer 252ela-mao 173Hashworld 174ELAlliance 大水瓢 143Kang 157Long Ela Short World 137DHG 164虎哥 159We Will Win 134区块链研习社 127elaHorse 135YDiot 118ELAONSEN 113To The Moon 116KenTan 108Silence 110ELABay 112云上 110米(粒)力联盟 103BOHUI 92群山 99The land of abundance 93Nights Watch 守夜人 88曲率区动 84文亦 82HicKs 13Bitcoin→Ethereum→Elastos & Libra 7The future is coming 2Total : 5576Total rewards sent out : 1299ELA kept by the elalliance : 4277Percentage paid to voter : 23.29%The Elalliance has stated each of their nodes will pay 50% rewards as a base and will reward voters with an additional 20% to the voters who vote for 24 or more elalliance nodes totaling a 70% reward. By doing some simple math we can see the Elalliance has not fulfilled their 50% base rewards structure during their first payment to voters. Currently the Elalliance holds 76.71% of all ELA rewards generated after their first payment to voters when in fact they should only have 50% or lower of the total generated rewards. Transparency is needed and the elalliance has shown none.

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