Salamat! Bago lang ako sa Elastos

Hahaha patay na chat natin dito

Any news mga bro?

Salamat pala sa support nyo sa project ko. Sorry medyo matagal update, nagpaopera kasi ako

Follow nyo channel para sa update sa project: @handyappslab

Waiting for Trinity this quarter. Ano update sa project mo?

Chris C 🇵🇭
Waiting for Trinity this quarter. Ano update sa project mo?

Ako rin! Excited na ako sa Trinity!So far frontend design palang, pero nagstart na ako sa smart contract

Nagpapatulong lang ako sakanila sa access ng DID API


Salamat bro! Susubukan ko rin magdev para sa Trinity after sguro ng contest at mapublish sa play store. 👍👍

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Elastos is about forming a “New World,” which may or may not come to fruition – but no blockchain project will ever beat us to the punch. As goes the saying:“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”-Rong Chen(Source: ama)

ban this scammer ☝️

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Thank you to all who keeps on supporting HanDyApps! Here's the update:✅ Android UI✅ Mock website✅ Debugging✅ MVP done☑ MVP video (as soon as I have a strong internet connection)Next phase TODO List:☑ Logout option☑ Recovery Option☑️ Google Authenticator Compatibility☑ HIVE backup☑ Trinity version (when native HIVE SDK is still not available)please keep on supporting HanDyApps projects. We will do our best to produce quality dapps. 👍

HanDyApps are planning to create another dapp, this time it is for Trinity or elastOS. To celebrate and prepare for the launch of elastOS, HanDyApps will enter a new entry for the FundMyDappThe goal is to create SIMPLE, Easy, Common apps that consumers can easily adopt, we believe thay realistic goals and projects is the way to acquire early users. Common apps that users already know.Join our channel: @handyappslab

Thank you to all who continue supporting HanDyApps Lab!As what majority of people voted:"Note Taking App like Evernote"Even though Journal/Diary didn't get voted by majority, but we will ADD IT as a feature after the MVP version.Please still support by voting ELANOTE- Note taking app like Evernote on FundMyDapp competition.PLEASE VOTE: vote ELANOTE?- As what Brian of DMA said on his recent AMA: "The number one priority now is to build some small successful projects, which is especially important to demonstrate the power of Elastos infrastructure"That's what HanDyApps Lab also believe, to create and launch smaller dapps that are FAMILIAR to current users and make it easy for them to adopt and use the new platformIf you have any questions, feel free to tag or msg @JMarcus

Please don’t do evernote, do roam

evernote is just a black hole where notes go to die

What do you mean?

that evernote isn’t that useful

Care to explain? I'm open for discussion

I’ve only really used evernote for clipping articles from the web, so I can’t comment on its use for personal notes, but there’s not really much you can do after the notes are in the system. You can tag them, sure, you can make notebook hierarchies.

You can link notes, but you probably end up not.

Roam is a bit of a rabbit hole. I’ve never taken notes before, apart from random txt files sprinkled all over the file system.

But what my goal is to introduce dapps that are more familiar to users. Roam is very good, we can add it later on the note dapp. I will research more about it

What I'm aiming for now is to release a simple one. I only use EVERNOTE in order for the community to understand what is my project goal is. It's an MVP so adding roam design might not be a good idea for an MVP. The time is very limited

All kinds of knowledge workers, I think. I couldn’t write even if my life depended on it. Lots of research though, where it helps to be able to find links between topics

Starting from 2020, market share is everything for Elastos. Anything else, such as who has better tech or who has won what rewards, does not matter that much. Developers should put things in perspective: the value of all crypto combined is less than a fifth of Microsoft or Apple or Amazon, which literally means crypto projects are not where money is. And I also read somewhere that all crypto projects combined have about 15K active daily users, which tells us that crypto projects are not where tech is for consumers. Developers should also know that there is only room for one new internet because all third party software vendors have limited resources so they would develop apps for the top market leader first.Market share, market share, and market share!

Focus on Elastos, push for mass adoption.

20K daily users would be our first milestone.