5.5k na hodlings ko 🤣

Kaw nmn mamigay ng red packets

Liit lang, nasa alts pohonan ko boss

Who loves red packets from jr?

JR101ph 🇵🇭

Hatiin mo sa ibat ibang elaphany wallet, tapos vote mo entry ko sa FundMyDapp boss. Hahaha 😂 yayamanin si boss jr

Hi all,Just passing by to share a quick update on the music proposal (approved by the CR).The live testing during the DDW is going really well and VR&AR views are being GPS tracked, it is just a pilot but important to show the industry that it works.The web-pilot is close to completion and the DID login + connecting views to payments on the Elastos blockchain are pretty much ready. We will open up the web-pilot to all ELA & blockchain fans very soon! Do not expect too much fancy content though, this really is about showcasing that it works and how it should work. Next phase would be live concerts, again open to all ELA-fans and beyond.Again, the web-pilot is meant for showcasing purposes as we are trying to get the industry and the community on-board at the same time. I have done most of my part, all 100% volunteering. I would like you to do your part and make sure everyone you know gets to test the platform using DID (Elephant wallet) 😊. https://twitter.com/SecureSmartWeb/status/1188361153900142592?s=19

Ang daming cheater sa competition 😢

Daming wallet. Kahapon chineck ko 28 votes lang. After 3 hours 90+ na

Yun nga e. Hirap nalang magreklamo. Walang rules sa voting e. Di naman nakaindicate na per person one DID, ang sabi lang per DID isang vote. So technically wala silang nabroke na rule, Morally meron 🤦‍♂


Gg tlaga. Si sjun pa mismo nagsabi na di kailangan may Ela ang elaphant para makavote.

Kung ganyan labanan, last minute ako magpapasok ng boto. Di ko rin maimbestigahan mga DID votes nila, hindi na maview ang DID list kapag nasa 90+ na ang votes

APO 🇵🇭

Wala ako.makitang vote. Meron ba sainyo?


wow congrats pards

Thank you thank you sa suporta mga boss!! 🙏 Coding na 😁

Oh man I can’t believe it! All my dreams are coming truehttps://twitter.com/elastos_houston/status/1192227895764279296?s=21


"Since the first phase operation of ETH task force team, we created solid foundation for developers to start development based on ETH sidechain. Now it’s time to start phase 2 to get involve more developers and regular users. By porting the most popular dapps such as ENS and MakerDAO from Ethereum we will be able to create use cases for users and their token."

the updated roadmap.