Not necessary to send a tweet just for a single tg group right, let's do that yes pin and maybe a quick announcement on TG

I know we have a few more ppl from the Philippines

Just add them here

You're admin here Kris now

Let's try to round up ppl

Krisha 🇵🇭
I'm here

DM me Kris, need to send you an invite to another group

amadakrisha is u in CR right Kris?

Okay thanks, I will invite people from Philippines

So we have 3 ppl on CR from the Philippines

Haha it's a start

Krisha 🇵🇭
Okay thanks, I will invite people from Philippines

you can start of by translating the pin from the main channel and add it here for quick reference to newcomers

@elastossouthafrica @elastosaustralia

Hurrah we doubled in size

Do u guys think it's viable to hold a meetup in Philippines and/or attend

Do u guys have connections to help promote the event or meetup?

Let's get this group big

Maybe someone has connection in here

🇵🇭 Welcome to the Elastos Philippines Community! We are a group of enthusiasts who believe in the technology being built by Elastos. Our goal is to gather and invite more people into a vibrant and knowledgable community that helps to spread awareness and knowledge of the Elastos ecosystem and how it can help businesses and individuals manage their data, build usable dApps and create digital wealth online. We will do this through the scheduling of regular meetups with the support of the Elastos Foundation, where topics of interest can be discussed, updates shared and dApp developers can network and share their work. Please support us by inviting more people into this group that you know are invested or interested in dApp development on the blockchain. BEGINNERS GUIDES A Non-Developer Beginner's Guide A Developer Beginner's Guide RESOURCES Elastos Wallet Wallet FAQ Using the Wallet Guide Official Website Elastos News Roadmap Elastos Carrier Blockchain Explorer GitHub Gitlab SOCIAL MEDIA Discord Facebook Facebook Group Twitter Reddit Medium Youtube Instagram Official Telegram News Channel International Telegram Community Elastos Philippines Community Facebook Group Elastos Philippines Community Meetup Group COMMMUNITY RULES -English only -No promotions -Focus on ELA -No bad mouthing -If you get a warnings, respect them -Add value to discussion -Share relevant news

Thanks for inviting me.

Hey Robert the one I know?

Yes Clarence. Hope Thailand was fun.

Haha yes still here

Clarence Liu
Hey Robert the one I know?

Wow. When you get to San Diego again. Let's go surfing or paddling!

I can do neither but would love to come down again, the breweries and bars there are awesome

Great krisha for making a group! A lot easier to talk here than through Facebook