Which shud i vote?

Edvin Tan
Which shud i vote?

They are many supernodes out there , you need to do your own research. Appreciate you can support Malaysia’s SN elaHorse . Find out more from t.me/Elalliance

Is there a platform i can see all the supernodes?

Edvin Tan
Is there a platform i can see all the supernodes?

Yes. elanodes.com There are a few SuperNodes related websites out there, like elalliance.net too.

All coins prices are rising.., except for ela 🤣

Guys don't forget, Cheery community is doing 100% node rewards 😉

which else shud i vote? so many to choose 🤩


Hey guys! It’a time to celebrate our continuous improvement in supernode ranking!! Thank you all for your support! Starting soon a new give-away of red packets 🇨🇭🤩. Join @elate_ch and enjoy!

Hey @edvin88 there will be soon another occasion to celebrate! Join @elate_ch to stay posted and support us! 🙏🔥

Got red packet ? 🥴

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I'm starting the region intitaive plan in Indonesia, please support itthis initiative plan will promote and grow brand awarenes for Elastos herehttps://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5d1b0a0fc871f10094ab40ed

I've read a lot about this project but now I would appreciate it to hear the opinion from community members themselves. What are the 3 most unique selling points of elastos in your opinion?

if i had to chose 3 points, i'd go with the following:- horizontal scaling of the blockchain through sidechainsInstead of using the main chain for everything (smart contracts, IDs, etc.), we only use it for transfering ELA and use special purpose sidechains for everything else. We have the ID chain live since august 2018, NEO and ETH smart contract sidechains are currently on test net- Elastos CarrierElastos Carrier is an autonomous p2p network which is free to use for everyone. this allows for truly decentralized and serverless dApps. All the communication is end to end encrypted and randomly routed through the network, which makes it next to impossible to intercept and read any traffic.- Elastos RuntimeThe Elastos Runtime is a secure, sandboxed runtime environment for dApps. The Runtime combined with Carrier allows it to make very secure dApps and solves a lot of the currently existing security problems when using the internet, such as data theft, viruses, ddos and man in the middle attacks

My top 3 things1. Security of BTC, security is the most important thing if we consider being the smart web. No matter how fine tuned new consensus mechanism you build, the time havent tested it to be secure (unlike BTC)2. We are community driven and will become more and more community focused project. You dont need to be developer to be useful for Elastos and Cyber Republic, there are not many projects to which you can actively participate without being a technical person. We have 16m ELA reserved for people who contribute and make Elastos better.3. If I was trying to sell Elastos to someone, I think very simple way to sell it, without going too much in to technicalities, is that we didnt use our money in the beginning to get listed on all the possible exchanges. We havent used that card yet.

"First and foremost, it's important to note that Elastos is not a blockchain project. It is a network operating system project powered by the blockchain technology so in that sense, Elastos is not competing with any other blockchain projects but can work together with them to form this new ecosystem where the DApps run directly on the device instead of running on the blockchain along with decentralized peer to peer network to transfer assets in a completely closed sandboxed environment, thereby solving the trilemma of the blockchain technology - security, scalibility and decentralization all in one."

Microsoft Deleting Purchased E-BooksWritten By Lex Pablo, CR Press Writerhttps://news.cyberrepublic.org/microsoftdeleting/
Ecosystem Interview: Jimmy LiphamBy CR Presshttps://news.cyberrepublic.org/interviewjimmy/
Our Cyber Republic's Suggestion for our own CR Region has been submitted: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5d243ae543816e009415233c

Please take a little bit of time and read through it and support us by liking the suggestion.


Our Suggestion has been accepted by the Council. 😊


If anyone has an idea on how to promote Elastos in Malaysia, please share here or message me.

Join "E3 hubs community" and find out from there any possiblity to promote Elastos Malaysia. E3 hubs is going to grow into a huge global entrepreneur community.

They are going to set up "E3 token" as well. Find out more information from it's founder Mr. Andrew Wong.

1. Added IOEX token2. Added a manual signature tool3. Changed ‘Explore' to 'Mini Programs’, you can add/sort/share/remove mini programs4. Fixed a bug about Elastos node settings5. ELA transaction history user experience improvement, added time and date info6. Changed default node7. Fixed all bugs about auto-voting failure when sending ELA8. Supports Elastos in request protocol schema9. Added interface for multi-signature wallet10. Added multi-QR code scanning capability

you can update from google play

Guys elephant wallet update is available on App Store

You can add below mini programs:red packet:https://redpacket.elastos.org/redpacket.capsuleDPoS vote: https://dposvote.elaphant.app/vote.capsuleELANews:https://elanews.net/ELANews01.capsuleOne-click voting:https://elabank.net/capsule/voting.capsuleswft:http://swft.elabank.net/swft.capsule

Please vote for elastos, we are strong together!


Upgrade Announcement:The Elastos node maintained by the Elastos Blockchain Development Team will be upgraded on July 23rd 2019, from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM UTC. During the upgrade, the Web Wallet will be suspended, but the functions of ELA Wallet will not be affected because it is an SPV Wallet.

The Elastos Blockchain Development Team has completed an upgrade for ELA Wallet. Version 1.0.1 has been released, and is now available for Android.ELA Wallet 1.0.1 contains the following changes:1. Fixed bugs2. Optimized Supernode profit presentation3. Added small change consolidation feature4. Optimized general interface and application background5. Optimized Supernode Election interface6. Added “About ELA Wallet” page Note: Please make sure to back up your wallet before installing this upgrade. Download link for Android Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.androidiOS Version is in development. We will update our community as soon as it is ready for release.