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Happy New Year! Seeing is believing in 2020 for Elastonians. We have gone a long way to get where we are now in two years and a half, 2020 will be critical for us to take the number one spot in market share in terms of active daily dApp users combined on the Elastos Smartweb, comparing to any blockchain project in the world. When I talk about dApps, I mean mobile apps that can’t be manipulated by websites. For the record, EF is building a Smartweb computer, CRC will be running it. It’s not a who’s taking over whom issue. Both should work in tandem toward a common goal in 2020, i.e., achieving the number one position in market share. Focus Pinky, focus!

start to see adoption

Prepare for lou sang!!

👍👍 need to let more ppl noe abt trinity browser

Welcome to Elastos Malaysia group.

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ELA Wallet iOS version v1.4.1 UpgradeELA Wallet, the secure and convenient Elastos SPV light node client wallet has been upgraded allow participation in the CR Council election from within the wallet. The newest version contains the following upgrades:1. Fixed all known issues.2. Added CR Council election feature.3. Optimized the DID Sidechain synchronization.4. Revised the transaction confirmation status. Notes:Before upgrading to the new version, please back up your wallet.The election of CR Council will be based on the participants' DID. Please confirm that the DID Sidechain is turned on before the election. Download link:

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
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Hi. Welcome to the Elastos Malaysian community.