What's the craic with getting a meet up going

My advice fo Jeremy of blue collor crypto being caught by the lock up

Opportunity of a lifetime👀👀👀👀👀

Let’s raise our hands

I for one am delighted this is happening, entry of the year😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

A Dollar cost averaging blessing my xmas money and gin nodes are being launched in bring on the fud🤣

Like and retweet Fellas

Some Updates for Cyber Republic website that went live this morning: - The CRC Proposals are now live and visible to the public: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/council => Click on "voting" - The website now has a blog feature: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/. You can also get to this site from the main website then clicking on "Blog" - Some Profile Improvements on the site - Anyone can now create/propose a new task for each CRcle. So, if you have an idea that you would like to create a task for along with the appropriate budget, feel free to do so. Then, the CRC will have to approve your task and if approved, it can be open to the public for others to take on and get rewarded upon completion

Go show some love fellas

tomorrow is one of the token release dates. anyone expecting it'll tank further or that's already taken effect?

I've bought some last night and have an order in for more if it tanks but at these prices to me it's a screaming buy

Not claiming I know what I'm doing at all😂

Massive dec/Jan ahead

haha. none of us do. I'm up to the same tricks as you. I reckon once the news came out about the early token release that was the big dump moment

Guys let’s keep price discussion out of this group

Only 20 odd of us here none are developers

Price discussion not allow in this channel

but we're just 23 people and we're not saying 'when moon'? it's relevant stuff

We have discord channel for that

The only info here is found on twitter

It's realistic investing opportunities we mention the very odd time

Let’s just say I am accumulations as well

I don't see much tech talk going on here coz nobody has much of a clue about that haha

no I didn't. I'll give it a goo. I don't get the tech side as much as others so it kinda limits what I can say.