Good man mandeep keep the vids coming

Time to show Elastos community power

Hi guys. nice to meet you all. im new to ELA. seems like a really interesting project. I've a buy order set to pick up some around the €6.80 mark. the last few days it's been on a bit of a run so I might have to wait.

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interesting day for the elastos community. seems everyone taken by surprise

So when will the release be now?

Better it happen in bear market

It was a looming black cloud anyways I'm happy to have it out of way

dunno about that Neo released coins last year in the bull market and the price just continued rising

Ye who knows but if it dumps like august pre release could be opportunity of the year

Top 100 wallets number 100 was 6000 in august

Big players are loading up

Let’s just not talk about price guys

Ah come on Jon lighten up talking about strengthening stake were all in it for profits too

after a day like today it's hard not to talk about the price

At the Switzerland meet up I was at rong spoke about price

That was back in June, he said wait until August to buy..

Looks like weve been blessed with same opportunity for november who knows

Me too I had just left my job and was all in beforehand too afraid to trade it but excited if it goes down temporarily now

Already a steal with innovation going on atm

If this is to coincide with western standards then something's happening in background

we could see <5 very easily tho

Previous nasdaq rumours etc

I dunno community is rallying now

I know anyway if I see 5 bucks everything but the kitchen sink is being launched

Look boys may aswel put an optimistic spin on a curveball of a day