Thank you Gandhi that’s great

I made you an admin, you can change all settings, pin posts and also ban others

Oh thank you Gandhi appreciate

Hello my fellow irishmen

Hey Thomas good to have you here

I'm working in Holland now

I wonder how many irish investors we have total

I have 3 family members 3 work colleagues and 2 friends in😂

I know few my self Around 4 close members

Not a developer I am sure there must be someone in Ireland

Welcome @Rockanore

Gandhi 🇨🇭
I‘m here to assist. No worries 😄

Definitely Gandhi you been very helpful since I join the Elastos group

Learning from the best!

Unfortunately no. I wish.

Toronto would have been a lot closer but i missed it.

I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity in the future

Gandhi 🇨🇭
I‘m here to assist. No worries 😄

Gandhi will be in my moon talk group soon! Can’t wait for him to pop in and say wen moon 😂😂😂😂

Happy to be hear thanks for making group for Irish community

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Welcome to the group 😁

Hahha you not alone I believe they are many people into crypto in Ireland

I also heard the news coinbase is opening their next office in Ireland

on my own in terms of friends in Crypto lol

Don’t you already have a better fiat gateway in Ireland?