Kmaren xi jinping pidato smpat ngbahas cryptocurrency dkit... akhirnya ada tanda2 china mulai lunak ya

​​TRON + EOS vs Ethereum This year, Ethereum will have two competitors - own platforms are launched today by TRON, and June 2 - by EOS. Both tokens were created on the basis of Ethereum, but at the start they raised significantly more funds than Ethereum himself. Whether the quantity will turn into quality will be shown by the time, but for now both coins are falling, as traders are afraid of the uncertainty of the transition period. Tron last year raised $ 70 million for ICO, EOS collected more than $ 4 billion, and "generated" their Ethereum in 2014, starting with a modest $ 15.5 million. Now Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $ 20 billion, and its The platform is used to run most startups. Now the developers of ICO will have a choice. How this will affect TRON, EOS and Ethereum rates - we will find out very soon.
Ya sharing2 ringan om toy gpp yah..biasanya yg diajak ngobrol pada gak nyambung kalo ngobrol soal crypto haha

Pengen gitu ya ngbrol dengan keluarga ngebahas cryptocurrency... trakhir gw diceramahin bokap gw... katanya bitkoin itu tipu2...

Saat sopir, tukang bakso mulai bicara cryptocurrency maka member grup ini uda jadi milyuner

Bitcoin has Bottomed Out and Will Begin to Rally, Says Fundstrat Analyst According to Robert Sluymer, Bitcoin has finally bottomed out. Sluymer, the chief technical strategist at Fundstrat believes the number one cryptocurrency will soon begin to recover. The crypto analyst pointed to international trade tensions and the developing situation in Italy as some of the reasons behind the imminent Bitcoin revival. $7,000 is Bitcoin’s Bottom Level... Osato Avan-Nomayo

Saat terjadi krisis besar maka semua akan beralih ke cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Ready To Launch $1 Billion Dollars Capital Fund One of the most important virtual currency exchanges in the market, Binance, will be launching a $1 billion venture capital fund that aims to fund blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. According to local news sources, Ella Zhang, head of Binance Lab, announced that during an online conference. Binance Launches $1 Billion Fund The company will be... Carlos Terenzi
Tongam L. Tobing: Perdagangan Cryptocurrency di Dunia Maya Bukanlah Kewenangan OJK
​​Indonesia will lift all restrictions on the turnover of cryptocurrencies The Central Bank of Indonesia, in cooperation with the country's largest crypto-exchanger, Indodax, will develop the rules for the circulation of cryptocurrency for legal entities by the end of the year. After that, digital assets will be used on the territory of the state without any restrictions on the exchange, purchase, sale and settlement in them, including the opening of accounts. As previously reported, on June 3, the Indonesian government issued a decree on the legalization of cryptocurrencies, which are equated to common-use goods. Legalized not only turnover, but also extraction. Control over the turnover of cryptocurrencies is assigned to the Indonesian Agency for Supervision of Trade in Commodity Futures (Bappebti). Today the head of the department of market development Bappebti Dharma Yoga clarified that the rules for legal entities relate exclusively to issues of compliance with international legislation on combating terrorism and legalization of criminal proceeds. Religious Islamic leaders of Indonesia are positive about cryptocurrencies.
Exchange Listing Update! The Tokenomy team is excited to announce the listing of TEN Token on CoinDelta! Based in South Asia, CoinDelta is an up-and-coming exchange that’s opening the doors to a cryptocurrency audience hungry for innovation. In addition to having INR (Indian Rupees) to BTC/ETH pairs, CoinDelta offers a promising platform for TEN Token with a focus on customer support, security and low trading fees. For more information on CoinDelta, head to their site:
CIA ‘Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ They Know Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto The quest in pursuit of the man behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto never ends. Since the birth of Bitcoin, the world's curiosity about this mysterious character just keeps growing about as much as the increasing value of Mr. Nakamoto's cryptocurrency. [caption id="attachment_13231" align="alignleft" width="150"] Central Intelligence Agency[/caption] Many people started to search for information... Jose Antonio Lanz
 Hollywood Stars in Movie About Crypto Money Laundering A crime thriller called Crypto is reportedly being filmed, featuring a money laundering agent and a case involving cryptocurrency. Among the cast of the movie are Hollywood actors Kurt Russell,… Read More
Why China Will Drive The Next Crypto Bull Run News out of China usually has a negative impact on cryptocurrency markets. The government has made its stance on cryptos very clear: it doesn’t like them and will not tolerate them. The people however, and there are a lot of them, are hungry for crypto and Chinese investors could spark the next big bull run.... Luke Thompson
Bitcoin (BTC) Down 4%, Crypto Markets Lose $10 Billion In an Hour In a period of not more than an hour, something unusual has happened in the cryptocurrency markets. Looking at the top coins, we find that they have all suffered some considerable amount of decline in the same amount of time. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently down 3.74% and currently trading at $6,469. The King of Crypto... John P. Njui
John McAfee: "Get Real," Bitcoin Keeps Growing John McAfee returned to social media after an absence caused by a life-threatening attack that left him unconscious for three days. After explaining what happened, he spoke about the behavior of the cryptocurrency markets, calling for calm to people who have pessimistic opinions about low prices. According to McAfee, it is essential to "get real"... Jose Antonio Lanz
More than 1,000 Cryptocurrency Projects Have Failed in 2018 Cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage right now. Several businesses dot the internet landscape promising one revolutionary blockchain-based technology or other.... Osato Avan-Nomayo

Transcript Hello, friends, and welcome to a very quick, very important update. Last Year’s Announcement July of last year—2017—the entire cryptocurrency market was down. Bitcoin itself was down 4%, and there was an announcement that came out that I wrote about extensively. I said, “This announcement is going to radically push the price of bitcoin higher.” At the time, bitcoin was trading at around $1,850 a coin. Back in July, I said, “Look, you’re going to see at least $10,000 on bitcoin this year.” And people thought I was nuts. We were in the middle of a crazy, horrific bear market, but I said, “Look, this announcement is going to radically transform this space.” Of course, by the end of the year, we had hit $20,000 on bitcoin, and the announcement that I was telling everybody about was the fact that bitcoin futures were going to trade by the end of the year. What I said was that once futures traded, it would bring in an entire new leg of money that would radically push up the price of bitcoin. Recent Announcement I’m coming at you today because there is an announcement that has just come out that—just like last year—is being completely ignored by the market. But it is an announcement that could take bitcoin up 10x or more from where we are right now. Bitcoin is trading right now at around $6,400–6,500. So yes, Teeka Tiwari is talking about $65,000 bitcoin. Has he gone mad? I can assure you that I haven’t, so let me tell you what’s going on. Since 2014, people have been trying to get an ETF (exchange-traded fund) launched so people could easily buy and sell bitcoin from their brokerage accounts. The Winklevoss twins have been trying since 2014. Now, every time they’ve come to market I’ve said, “Look, it’s really doubtful that they will get approved. In fact, I think they will not get approved.” It just didn’t have the safeguards in place. They didn’t have the connections or the background that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could trust. Then, Solid X came out earlier this year, and I said, “You know what, these guys might have a shot at getting an ETF approved, but I’m not going to say that it’s a 100% done deal.” So what am I talking about now? I’m talking about a brand-new player that has just filed all the relevant paperwork to get an ETF approved by the SEC; I am telling you right now unequivocally—this is the first time I’ve ever said this—that this particular filer will get approved by the SEC. They will provide the first bitcoin ETF and I’ll tell you why. The filer is the CBOE, that’s the Chicago Board Options Exchange. It is one of the largest, most well-respected, most well-funded clearing institutions on the planet. It’s up there with the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, and SWIFT. It’s at that level. This is not a couple of guys that made a bunch of money on Facebook who are launching a fund or launching an ETF. This is the CBOE—the CBOE. I cannot emphasize how important and how much credibility the CBOE has. Addressing the SEC’s Concerns Now, one of the main arguments the SEC had against approving an ETF was a lack of global regulatory rules surrounding crypto and crypto exchanges. Now, this was recently refuted by the decision by Japan and South Korea to regulate their crypto exchange markets. They are the biggest exchange markets. And then the second issue the SEC had expressed concern around was the lack of insurance for crypto investors. What happens if there’s a hack? What happens if the private keys get lost? What’s going to happen to the investors that put money in this? The key factor that I believe separates the CBOE’s application from everybody else’s is that the CBOE has stated that it has secured insurance for the investors. So if there’s a hack, if the keys get lost, if there’s fraud, if anything happens that impacts the value or the security, I should say, of the bitcoin held by that ETF, the investors are covered. What we have to look at is the preponderance of evidence. We’ve got the CBOE, one of the most importan

t financial institutions in the world, backing a bitcoin ETF. We have insurance that if a key is lost or if something gets hacked, individuals will know that their money is safe. This is everything that the SEC has been looking for. Mark my word, friends, this ETF will get approved. And when it’s as easy to buy bitcoin as logging in to your Fidelity account and pushing a buy button, you will see tens—if not hundreds—of billions of dollars flow into this ETF and, of course, also flow into bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is as transformative as the announcement last year that we were going to see bitcoin futures back when bitcoin had dropped from $3,000 down to $1,850. And the world ignored the importance of that announcement. Friends, I am telling you, this is the most pivotal announcement that I have seen not only this year, but ever within this space. When we can get an ETF that makes it easy to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin, it’s going to open the floodgates of capital to people who would have never ever opened up an account at Coinbase or who would never ever mess around with a digital wallet. It now allows the mainstream adoption of bitcoin by the everyday investor, and it’s wildly bullish. So regardless of what you see happen in the day-to-day vagaries of the market, I want you to put your blinders on and I want you to focus on this bigger picture… because the prices that we’re looking at today, we’re going to look back at them just like we did in July of last year when bitcoin was trading at $1,850. We’re going to scratch our heads and we’re going to say, “But all the news was out there; how did people not put two and two together and realize that this thing should have been radically higher than what it was?” Please make sure that you’re not one of those people. Take advantage of the information that we have in front of us today. So if you already own bitcoin, don’t get panicked out of it with the volatility. If you don’t own any bitcoin, now is a wonderful time to get into the marketplace and buy some bitcoin. All right, friends, that is enough out of me. I will catch up with you in another update. And I want you to always remember: Let the Game Come to You! Welcome Center Crypto Corner Reports Issues Updates Portfolio FAQ

Selamat siang, Mulai hari ini tanggal 12 Juli 2018, user sudah dapat melakukan trading atau jual/beli cryptocurrency melalui Coinone Indonesia exchange. Selanjutnya, untuk withdrawal akan kami beritahukan Anda kembali. Klik link untuk memulai trading 😉 Terima kasih. Coinone Indonesia, The Gateway of Blockchain.

Chris P 🇬🇧: "Coinlink is a Korean cryptocurrency exchange company that is listed on Kosdaq. Therefore, Coinlink is Korea’s first bitcoin exchange run by a Kosdaq-listed company called Accupix. Accupix’s main business is selling coal but they also construct railway communication systems. Coinlink will be operated by Fourth Link. Because Coinlink will be the first cryptocurrency exchange operated by a Kosdaq-registered company, it will have a secure system and reliability. Fourth Link is looking to build a global network of cryptocurrency exchanges. The first step will be signing a partnership with Glosfar, which is a Korean company that offers bitcoin transfer services. In addition, they are also looking to form alliances with partners in China, Japan, U.S., Philippines, Indonesia, and South Africa."

Samsung is reportedly accepting cryptocurrency payments in several Baltic States using crypto payment platform CopPay. The Lithuania-based company made the announcement today. Customers in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Kaunas in the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will be able to purchase Samsung smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV sets, and more with cryptocurrency. The South Korean […]The post Samsung Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Three Baltic States appeared first on Coinjournal. via Coinjournal
Comparing Cryptocurrency Against the Entire World’s Wealth in One Graph. Given the 8-month long crypto bear market, lots of bitcoin naysayers are feeling smug right about now. From JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer and Nobel economist Robert Shiller, every media personality seems to think bitcoin’s downward trend will continue. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest things will turnaround, but that’s beside the point. Bitcoin in particular and the larger crypto-market in general are already substantial parts of the global economy. Read full article here via @whatsoncrypto

Trading cryptocurrency sama index, stock etc etc

Merge mining sendiri proses mining dimana dua cryptocurrency yg punya algoritma sama bisa dimining secara bersamaan.

Merge mining 2 cryptocurrency (btc+ela) sama efisiennya dengan hanya mining btc saja, cuma perlu disetting biar bisa mining 2 cryptocurrency.
Selamat Siang, Info terbaru datang dari dunia Cryptocurrency yaitu Bitcoin yang mulai dilakukan penelitian di Indonesia Membaca Penelitian: Adopsi Bitcoin di Indonesia"Berdasarkan data dari Google Trend, minat pencarian dengan kata kunci (keyword) “bitcoin” semakin meningkat pesat sejak awal April 2019. Lantas bagaimana dengan pasar kripto di Indonesia, dengan pertumbuhan bursa aset kripto yang meningkat selama setahun terakhir ini? Apakah adopsinya sudah cukup besar, dengan besaran kesadaran yang juga tinggi?"Yuk baca detail lengkapnya di link ini
Libra, token milik Facebook harus menghadapi ancaman hukum dengan anggota parlemen senior Amerika meminta yang jejaring sosial tersebut untuk menghentikan “momentum ke depan” sementara mereka menyelidiki proyek ini – dan mengambil tindakan mereka ke industry cryptocurrency yang lebih besar.

Lebih menarik lagi 10% dari responden tersebut mengatakan memiliki cryptocurrency, dua kali lipat dari Amerika, hingga bisa dimengerti kalau Indonesia menjadi target market dari Libra-facebook

Elastos project cryptocurrency kak;)