Tolong baca lagi dr atas

Org Indonesia.. apakah Ada orgnya disini?

msih ga mudeng maennya

Hendy Nicholas
Udah maen di fishchain?

tadi ngebait dpt ikan item itu cek hasil baitnya dmna

Hendy Nicholas
Ikutan auction?

ngga tau saya. ydi nyba asal2 mncing dirac sea.

Harus perhatikan.. shell & phantom fish

Hendy Nicholas
Klik crypto aset

iya sdh ktmu trs klo mau tuker ikannya tnggl psng harga ?

Body ikanya phantom fish?

Itu bukan crypto asset

Ada competition.. Cuma tinggal 16 jam lagi

Utk belajar breeding silahkan coba

Tiap Hari kalo log in di fishchain.. ambil shell di shell sea.. ganti direct sea mjd shell sea

Shell bisa digunakan utk breeding fee

Hendy Nicholas
Ada competition.. Cuma tinggal 16 jam lagi

Sorry.. competition nya masih 16 Hari lagi... Masih bisa ikut kalo mau

Hendy Nicholas
Utk belajar breeding silahkan coba

How to breed?Any two fish that meet the breeding conditions can be selected for breeding. The fish that meets the breeding conditions means: 1. not in the breeding cooling period; 2. not in the sale ; 3. not in the mining; 4. not in the fish pool.When does the breeding result come out?Breeding takes a period of incubation, and the incubation time is related to the computing power of the offspring fish. Incubation days = The computing power of the offspring fish / 100.What changes will happen to the parents after breeding?After breeding, the parental fishs computing power is reduced by 5% and immediately enters the cooling period.Will the cooling time change?The more times the fish breed, the longer the cooling time, the initial cooling time is 1 day, increasing in the Fibonacci sequence.How do the genes of the offspring fish inherit?Each gene position is independently inherited and has a certain probability of mutation.Among them, the probability of heredity of common gene is 95% while that of mutation is 5%, the probability of heredity of rare gene is 70%, while that of mutation is 30%, and the probability of heredity of epic & legend gene is 50% while that of mutation is 50%.

Dan baca tutorial ya Ada di atas

Selamat Tahun baru semua!

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Pilih2 bounty Ela yg besar.. 😍😍
Take a look at "elastOS Browser (Trinity)"

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Akuariumnya beneran itu ada?

Itu akuarium yg di fishchain