Hi everyone, I made a suggestion in the CR. Here is the suggestion :Messari is a crypto data aggregator much like the well known CoinMarketCap. The difference is that they are doing their best to bring transparency and professionalism to the environment by performing in length study and research about actual market data.For example, it was recently proved that up to 90-95% of the volume reported is fake in this lengthy report : is still the kind of volume displayed on sites such as https://coinmarketcap.comAccordingly, Messari updated their dashboard to get closer to the facts. This is really needed to bring maturity to the domain : proposal is the following : since the Elastos Fundation and the CR has a core value of transparency and is putting efforts towards EOY report and financial report, I propose that we register to the Messari Disclosures Registry : is it ?This open source disclosures database aims to become a central repository for project information that can be freely accessed industry-wide. The information will provide a level of transparency to project stakeholders that is nonexistent today, facilitating the diligence process for exchanges, wallets, investors, regulators, and developers.The effort is intended to be a collective action to push standards of basic disclosures that should be expected of projects with numerous global stakeholders. We want to allow for honest projects to have a platform to differentiate themselves and build trust with their communities and anyone looking to better understand their project.This benefits the Elastos ecosystem because :it proves our desire for transparencyit brings visibility for free (we are transparent and we should say it)I believe someone from the EF shoud take the lead and submit the different required documents.What does the CR think ?****Please leave feedback on the suggestion and support it if you agree ! a great day everyone !