welcome to the Canada group

Welcome to Elastos Canada 🇨🇦

yes that one was long overdue... its been quiet in here

ya time to start building the Canada community

Let’s get more Canadians excited about elastos!

I've been working on some thoughts about community

mainly came from this Ted Talk I saw about Primal Branding and what this guys was talking about the 7 pillars of community building

1. Origin Story

2. Rituals 3. Icons4. Language or Sacred Words5. Pagans6. Leaders7. Our Creed

not necessarily in that order


2. Rituals Super bowl halftime show is the most watched ritual there is.

ya for Elastos ... rituals might be Hackathons

hanging out in telegram

blockchain summits

Have you been to any blockchain summits yet?

Our Creation Story - Rong Chen, Microsoft, Foxcon, Feng, Huobi Our Creed - own your data, Truth & Prosperity, the modern internet, open sourced network operating system, Decentralized, Yours!Our Icons - Elastos Logo, Rong Chen, elastOS - SmartWeb Browser, Our Rituals - Regional meetups, Hackathons, Supernode/CRC Voting, Red Packets, Telegram, Anniversary Events, Exchange trading, https://elastos.academy/,Our Language - data economy, internet ecosystem, IOT, security vs vulnerability, Peer to Peer, Merge Mining, Elastos Foundation Elastos DID Elastos Carrier Elastos Hive Elastos Mainchain Elastos Sidechains ELA TokenNon Believers (what we are not) - Centralized Philosophies: Google, Facebook, Youtube Our Leaders - Rong Chen, Han Feng, Cyber Republic Council

I missed the one in Malta

this was a start of some ideas... but its constantly evolving

last one I was at was here in Vancouver... I forget the name

precovid obviously

Elastos DPOS supernodes could be one of our Icons as well.

Clarence also came out... we were on a panel... but we didnt get to talk about elastos very much because it was panel on stablecoins.. and libra topic

Ya the Icons are sometimes the hardest for Elastos.. because their is Less Physical items that we look to.. as so much is code and software desigin ideas

Strawberry Supernode and council has provided so much in terms of visual to the elastos community

Vegas Mike a big part of that

Vegas Mike a big part of that

Vegas Mike is definitely a key partner of the strawberry supernodes

I wonder if we could promote our own Canada Hackathon

That would be pretty cool

virtual... maybe find some govt. research education funding

https://boastcapital.com/this is a local organization that Starwire was talking to about some of the research tax credits and stuff like that available for blockchain type projects

they might be aware of other government grants

basically once we have the ground rules established and if we had a bit of budget for promotion... we could reach out to the obvious computer science faculties and universities etc... put up a website

maybe use the same format as the New York Hackathon in progress now

Whats your thoughts on Canada Community? Crypto Investors vs. devs vs Anti big data movements