Ethereum is two things: a programmable mainchain for infrastructure system (ie Ethereum) programmers, and a programming language with EVM execution environment for third party user level dApp programmers (for the ecosystem).Comparing JAVA and JS, they both are a language with VM, and they run on many different operating systems.A world computer with 7000 to 10K nodes (CPUs), which could give you at most 2000 clusters of 3 nodes each (for consensus).  No matter how you cut it, one computer can’t solve any serious real world problems. In fact, the consensus computing is for building trust, whereas the cloud computing is for solving problems.If it’s just a matter of 3 CPUs or 7 CPUs per cluster, could we allocate them on Amazon or Microsoft clouds instead of mining machines, and not being constrained to the 2000 in number?But that’s not to say that the world computer concept is not important.   Elastos is definitely not against Ethereum’s innovations. We are merely trying to decouple the tethering between the Ethereum programmable mainchain with its dApp ecosystem. We are also trying clearify that consensus computing is not decentralized cloud computing. I believe that Ethereum community and many other blockchain projects are confused about the two fundamental computer science design issues. That is all.Any good engineer can tell you that “good enough is the best solution, anything more than that would be an overkill.  “If we ever need a scaling solution for the Elastos mainchain, we have to know what problem scenarios we are trying to address.  Otherwise, to increase TPS for the sake of TPS would be a wasting of time and resources.

Update Instructions for Elephant Wallet Android version V1.7.0Elephant Wallet has just released Android version V1.7.0 , please update your Elephant Wallet application promptly.In version 1.7.0, we enhanced Elephant Wallet with the following upgrades:1. Added Ethereum Sidechain token (ELA / ETHSC).2. Added clear cache function.3. Added pending status to ELA history.4. Added Transaction ID (txid) to the multi-signature transaction payment completion interface.5. Fixed capsule error when elaphant prefix is added in the applet.Thank you for your support as we continue to optimize Elephant Wallet.Elaphant TeamDecember 5, 2019

Strategic marketing planning for Q1 when elastOS is ready for user growth. All efforts are still on developer growth today, but we are preparing in advance to shift towards users. DApps will play a big role in this too. We need applications people actually want to use, and share with others, because this is where you’ll begin to see adoption take place.

1st party - you; 2nd party - OS or platforms; 3rd party - ISVs, ie independent software vendors, ie app developers and website operators.Indeed, sidechains could be revoked by supernodes, especially CRC supernodes which jointly together play the role of admin for the Elastos Smartweb computer.Elastos Foundation builds the platform whereas CRC runs it via consensus. Believe me, you don’t have to be a techie to run a computer. And I trust that CRC consensus won’t allow terrorist apps or websites on the Smartweb because that’s not in our common interests to build a Cyber Republic. Any micro website on the Smartweb would be hosted on a set-top-box or a server managed by a public cloud, ultimately the owner of which would be hold liable for his/her behavior according to the laws of the hardware landing country. See and find out where your box is located. You could be quasi anonymous on the Smartweb, but your phone bill would be transparent to the local authorities.

Not to harp on but I think this is important. How many crc supernodes would be required to want to remove a sidechain and have the ability to do so? Could one crc member/supernodes get rid of a sidechain?

A decentralized autonomous running Internet computer, and a group of admins collectively decide which application software to execute, I don’t see conflicts here. In fact, none of the features have been implemented yet, so all are subject to change. If 12 CRC supernodes are controlled by AI algorithms, then we could indeed have a totally decentralized Internet. But they are still two different things. Besides, I am not very optimistic about robots deciding the fate of human race... At least not in the near future.Internet is an ecosystem, meaning it evolves, whereas products and companies live and die. Blockchains, Decentralized storages, P2P networks, etc are all components, which runs “fix featured software” instead of dynamic “smart” third party full fledged applications. Components are not ecosystems, eg Elastos could replace the Ethereum sidechain with the NEO sidechain on the fly (by not shutting down the Smartweb computer), in theory.Looking at the issue in another way, a ledger being implemented in a decentralized fashion doesn’t really make the ledger “decentralized”. A book is a book, which can’t be half a book or a fraction of a book. I believe that blockchain communities over exaggerated the word “decentralized”.

The Elastos Blockchain Team will be implementing an upgrade to the Elastos blockchain browser at 2:00am UTC on December 18, 2019. The upgrade process will span approximately 3 days, during which the function of the Elastos Web Wallet and blockchain browser will be temporarily suspended. ELA Wallet and Elephant Wallet will continue to function normally during this time.The upgrade includes the following improvements:1. New transaction types;2. Added details for difficulty calculation display;3. Added Block Confirm information;4. Known issue fixes.Elastos Blockchain Team - Dec 17, 2019
Hello everyone! We're hoping to get more community feedback on our concept to build a wallet explorer dashboard for Elastos. We envision this as an open source tool that sorts and categorizes your busy tranaction history for easier analysis, especially as new transactions types and service integrations add to the ways we use our ELA. If you can spare a few minutes, we would very much appreciate if you would toss a vote (like/dislike) and let us know (preferably in the suggestion comments) your thoughts, especially if you feel it would be an unjust use of CR funds. Suggestion can be found here:

The Inaugural round of Cyber Republic Council Elections is about to commence! Read the full announcement below to learn how to get involved in the formation of Elastos' community governance.
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Starting from 2020, market share is everything for Elastos. Anything else, such as who has better tech or who has won what rewards, does not matter that much. Developers should put things in perspective: the value of all crypto combined is less than a fifth of Microsoft or Apple or Amazon, which literally means crypto projects are not where money is. And I also read somewhere that all crypto projects combined have about 15K active daily users, which tells us that crypto projects are not where tech is for consumers. Developers should also know that there is only room for one new internet because all third party software vendors have limited resources so they would develop apps for the top market leader first.Market share, market share, and market share!

As a CR citizen, one of the first things that should be on our bucket list is getting a security audit performed on our technology.

Hi Rong, just to be clear, Titan and the others are still actively developing for a product release on Elastos?

Also, do you have any plans to create your very own DApp on Elastos? I know you've done enough bringing the New Internet to life but that does not mean your coding skills will now rot haha. Any plans to create a simple DApp or fun application of your own? And if so, what field/industry would you target.

Titan will go with whoever has a market share. Business is business, startups have pay real money to employees and they don’t fool around of speculations.

For the record, Elastos Foundation pays for code auditing internally and we pay professional security services to protect Elastos websites especially web wallet, because one could never be too cautious about digital assets.

But Elastos Foundation can’t promise anything due to liabilities. Elastos Foundation only sponsors infrastructure related source code contributors on the GitHub in the future. Consumers download apps from different vendors at their own discretions.

Given above said, who has the credentials to perform network OS code auditing? And how long would it take? Who is the target customer that requires such auditing? If it’s government agencies or mission critical businesses, do they really want to go with crypto projects at this point due to regulatory uncertainties? If it takes three years and multi million dollars, would you still want to do it? When you finished auditing, are you going to accept new updates from the Carrier team... how about hardware? trust zone?... the list goes on and on.

Focus on what we have control and don’t worry about anything else at this point. OS is the common denominator of all apps’ and users’ trust, that’s why OS has to open source. Put everything under the sun for public to scrutinize. I personally am pessimistic about auditing to make code foolproof. It’s more of a best effort thing. Had auditing worked perfectly in the past, there wouldn’t be any more network attacks or Boeing 737 Max crashes.

For a quick sort algorithm problem which takes about a day for an undergrad to write. But it usually takes Boeing three teams for three months to write, not to mention design meetings and code auditing etc. To save development costs, Boeing outsourced the tasks outside the country... According to rumors I’ve heard.

There are two things to keep in mind: (1) app vendors have to sign off with App Stores and bear the responsibilities accordingly; (2) operating system provider does not take side on apps, so its ecosystem could flourish. I know, I know, most OS vendors couldn’t help with the temptations in the past, that’s why Netscape’s disappearing was a good thing to the WWW web.The darknet doesn’t have any apps on iOS AppStore nor Google Playstore simply because the responsible parties dare not to sign off the apps. Elastos is the platform for peer to peer market economy of digital assets. I hope Elastos dApp developers could seize the tidal wave of opportunities. Last, personally I don’t plan to develop any dApps. I would spend more time with family and friends if I could. But I do believe there are real money hidden in the fourth pillar of Elastos, ie Elastos (decentralized big data) Services.