Over all, I was disappointed about W3C meeting in Japan last September.

No, I don’t believe so.For smaller blockchain teams, they may not have enough expertise or experiences to comprehend Elastos being a Smartweb OS. For conglomerates, they are too bureaucratic or prohibited by law to copy Elastos. For an ecosystem of a quarter million valuation (less than peanuts expenditures for big companies), or for an internet shared by all countries in the world, why can’t we all contribute, like the old web?

Elastos is in a catch twenty two situation at the moment. We are not a blockchain only project. But token speculators think we are. And Internet companies by and large still believe all blockchain projects are hoax, at least a guy fro AT&T I met at the W3C conference thought so. Those old guards (though younger than me) are hopeless to talk to, very frustrating.

Seeing is believing. The only thing we could do is to show the world what is a new web, just like Mosaic all over again. How can you explain to others that Browser is the future, when they keep saying that Word had done a much better job to layout typesettings?

The roadmap makes me excited.

Rong, what will you do post elastos being self sufficient? Any dapps you may get involved with or like to see on elastos you could help build?

Elastos Smartweb is a new continent. Building it is one thing, having people immigrant to it is another.

Next year will be critical for Elastos. 2021 is more likely to just smooth things out a bit further, or make a last ditch effort to the rescue (I hope not).

Do you ever think technology will change China from being a communist country?

Common knowledge tells us that totalitarian governments tend to be more efficient but total control leads to total corruption. Non mining blockchain technologies may help to fend off corruptions, that would naturally be the first choice by the Chinese government.

ELA is no Libra, nor DC/EP (Chinese Central Bank issued Crypto RMB). To build a new Smartweb, we have to do merge mining with BTC, and generate ELA to reward miners, which is not yet publicly supported or denied by any government, including China.Cyber Republic as a virtual economy uses ELA. In my opinion, CR should not try to interfere with existing real world economies, and would try to comply with regulations of all major economies regarding taxation and money laundering, etc., just like between two countries.

As I said, Elastos will not succeed or fail because of other blockchain projects. Let’s seize the opportunity of building a new peer to peer digital assets trading economy.

@ChenRong why did you get disappointed about the W3C meeting in Japan?

W3C as a standard body has much to offer. But W3C as a phenomena has lost its steam. People there are more for hidden agendas than for their passions.

From my interpretation he is speaking of building Elastos, not building on top of Elastos. Those developers who have been working on this project for two years have a task to finish what they started – without the added expense of onboarding and training additional support. They have the developers and teams to finish what was started.In regards to what you were most likely questioning is the developer onboarding for building on top of Elastos. Our team is seeing success and predicts this to increase substantially after Trinity (elastOS) goes live. We currently have 2500+ on our developer mailing list, growing 100+ weekly, and have several direct engagements with developers interested in building after each newsletter (bi-weekly). We have a kick off call this evening with two developers (20+ years’ experience each) on a project we hope to be ready for elastOS release, one dev who has already been working directly with Trinity team for weeks, and several others in the queue for upcoming projects. Once Elastos Console (Nucleus) and Trinity (elastOS) are live we hope to see many in our network upstart their own projects using these resources.

Hi, can anyone request/create a DID? If so, what is the process? TIA



ETH sidechain is open to public.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to launch ETH sidechain on demand, just like launch processes on an operating system. We are not there yet, but that’s low priority for now. Maybe we will do it in 2020 or 2021, depending on work load of Elastos Smartweb.

The key point is that smart contracts should not be tied to public chains in the first place.

Rong, I know AMA is done... But what do you think of DeFi? What are the advantages having DeFi on Elastos instead on Ethereum?

There is a community team looking into importanting DeFi on the Elastos ETH sidechain.

As for advantages, consensus computing (smart contract executions) should not be implemented on any public blockchains.

There won’t be one. The future is in virtual everything.

DApps or any apps for that matter should be running on an operating system instead of running on a naked hardware. Although they could, but they really should not. ETH made a good try, at least invented a new programming paradigm. Yet, its approach is flawed.

Ethereum was talking about world computer, was talking about DApps, but never talked about peer to peer network OS. Do you see something obvious missing here?

Elastos was in August of 2017, after our meetings.

Without operating systems, you can’t implement multitasking. It is way too complicated for an app vendor to implement all aspects of the world. In theory it’s possible, but we all know it’s impossible.

Yes I just wasn’t certain if you knew if he was aware of the current elastos ethereum sidechains

The obvious mistake will haunt all, I mean ALL, other blockchain projects that talk about DApps and ecosystems.

Let’s stop commenting other projects. I do encourage people to think for themselves.

its all good im happy with everything you have done and are doing i just dont have any real questions except i wish some of the partnerships that have been created panned out better

Let’s focus on Elastos. We just released ETH sidechain to public.

how far along is the neo sidechain

It’s done, but not enough testing. We decided to focus on ETH sidechain for now.

Between apps and the machine, we need an OS. If it’s missing, people should know.

ETH is two things, EVM for smart contracts, and a public chain for scalability. We will support the latest EVM depending on engineering resources. And we could care less about Ethereum’s scalability issues.

Two apps of different vendors, which don’t trust each, have to resort to a third party to establish trust. The third party is often called OS. For Elastos sidechains, they all rely on the main chain for atomic swapping assets. In fact, atomic swapping is the term used in operating systems at least from the 1970s.

Any plans for future side chains?

On demand launch sidechains is the ultimate goal.