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Feng Han will attending Okex global university meetup as guest speaker

Elastos is briefly mentioned at about 30:24 (time stamp) on the CNBCafrica crypto trader show

Update Instructions for Elephant Wallet iOS version V1.5.4Elephant Wallet has just released iOS version V1.5.4, which resolves problems involving high UTXO-count transactions. To benefit from these changes, please update your Elephant Wallet application promptly.The detailed ReleaseNote is as follows:1. Split the transaction with large UTXO-count into multiple transactions, and ensured that transaction history will display multiple transactions accordingly.2. Unified the QR code scanning mechanism in the "Explore" and "DID" screens.3. Enabled mini program addition via URI schema "elaphant://".Thank you for your support as we continue to optimize Elephant Wallet. Elaphant Team November 9, 2019

let me share with you Rong chen vision about "channel/media player secondary piracy"

Another DApp is called removing media player mediation. If I make a small short video that is H.264, I put H.264 on the Internet and was played 10,000 times or played 100,000 times. I don't know, then who knows? The media player knows that the media player also puts advertisements before and after my H.264, how much the result should be, and he often does not tell me the truth. For example, the two of us agreed before, and gave me a penny or gave me half a child every 10,000 times. But after putting 10,000 times or releasing 100,000 times, the operator may often say a lie, because that part of that It is his net profit.This is called secondary piracy or channel/media player secondary piracy. The same concept is whether movies, songs, and e-books are second-hand pirated. The data I made myself was run by a software. As a result, the software used as an intermediary to bully the weak. The original author who produced the content did H.264, but was bullied by the media. Or I wrote a book bullied by Ebook Media Player.Most of the software is actually an intermediary. How do we remove the software intermediary and let the author get more benefits? In the blockchain, many people talk about mediation. Everyone thinks there are several kinds of mediators. Can we afford to leave? For example, if you remove the software, how do you sing that song, you remove the agency of the book, and how do you put the book? Therefore, we only use the blockchain to record the scarcity. We probably don't think about a lot of people. In fact, I actually remembered the 10,000 books online, but if I played it, I would be pirated. At this time we count what it means, so the blockchain can only count, but can not eliminate piracy, to eliminate piracy, it must be the operating environment to do things.This is why the operating system is very, very important at this time. The EOS just mentioned is not the operating system. Ethereum is not the operating system. It is a feeling that the operating system is not yet known. .So what do we need to remove software intermediaries? Need a software tool, a template, for example, if you give me a H.264, I'll make a tool, just like a meat grinder, to process this tool, you give me a H.264 I generate an online game What is this online game is to fast-forward and fast-back this movie. We all know that White Deer is a book, and that this book obviously has an electronic version. But did you ever wonder if there was anyone in the Apple store looking for the White Hart original App.I also specifically searched for an app called White Deer, the Apple App. Open it, it is this e-book, and it can flip pages by itself. That is to say, I gave it a PDF, it generated a white deer original mobile App, this is a very simple thing for people who do software.But the revenue model at this time is quite different, because he is a free game, a free tool, and I put this White Hart's e-book into Lysay, and it comes out of a White Hart's game. This game is a book. But whoever wants to advertise this time, whether it is over five pages or not should collect money. The profit model is determined by the author. Give you some choices in that tool, and then you will fill in the blanks. You have created a game where you only need to spend one time to buy this tool. Then you can generate a game by writing a few books next time. Then you will control your own destiny. You control your own data. You Master your own revenue model.

In other words, you've removed the software intermediary. Because you've become a software yourself, you're a white deer and you've become a game. You don't broadcast it with a media player. You broadcast yourself and design yourself. But why didn't this problem be done by the people originally? Originally, it was not difficult for me to create a game for this white deer, but I transferred to your email address via email. Would you dare to click to play it? It is because the traditional operating system has a virus. Everyone learns, and no one dares to open this game in this email. So I dared to open it through social software, such as WeChat to you this game? Probably he had a virus, so everybody dared not open it. The key point in this time was whether I could design a virtual machine to keep him from transmitting viruses.With such a virtual machine, we can allow users to have their own data, so that users can control their own revenue model, so this is back to why elastos has a unique skill, called Elastos Runtime. This virtual machine can run C code first. Secondly, he doesn't transmit viruses. This is what we can do today to blow a calf. Inside all blockchain projects, only elastos has this unique skill. This is the crown jewel that really needs to go to intermediaries.
we just published our first article about Elastos on news:

Private vs public chains are a large topic, in general the synergies are few unless you get creative. It depends on the use case.

private chains are for groups of companies that want to work together, public chains are a whole other story, usually the first thing I start out with on public chains is explaining that they are well suited for open ecosystems where competitors can collaborate as long as they feel it's sufficiently decentralized.

in short a private chain would not use Elastos blockchain, but may use it for transparency. Saving hashes to the ELA mainchain for example like Tierion does with BTC.

Exactly! so the music pilot (Yes we are very very close to presenting to the community) is a nice example of this. The Elastos blockchain needs to be used to show the number of views and direct payments to right owners. Whoever owns the rights, obviously does not want the world to see how much they actually make, which % goes to whom etc. So for that you need a private blockchain, so there is a difference between what you want/need the world to know to generate trust, and what you need to keep behind closed doors.

Nice guys we made it into the next round

Now let’s win this competition!! We can win this together
Clarence attending Philippine Startup Week events as panel speaker

Lots of interest in using our DID chain/solution, eth sidechain for reputation systems, microlending, fishing tracking, digital assets, logistics etc... most startups/projects were only starting to explore blockchain so it was pretty good being able to get in touch early.

So, somebody please tell me if I'm understanding this correctly. With Elastos, reaching thousands of Transactions Per Second is not that important since the mainchain is only used for Digital asset transfer finality and DID Issuance? All other mundane day to day peer to peer Dapp communication and traffic is handled by the carrier and Sidechains correct? Please Help. Thanks

A blockchain is a computer. If anyone can’t comprehended it, just memories it. An accounting book, trustworthy or non trustworthy, is just one ledger (book), written by one person or by a group of people, which doesn’t matter that much. A library is about many books. You can’t compare a library to a book.Some computers are faster than others. A web, or Smartweb for that matter, consists of many computers. Elastos is a Smartweb, and other blockchain projects are about computers. You simply can’t compare the Web with any computers in the world. The Smartweb needs DID, cloud computing, consensus computing, decentralized storage, decentralized cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT devices, etc., which in turn will resort to many different computing technologies and blockchain technologies. When I say Elastos Smartweb is a computer, I was talking about another abstraction level of computing. An iPhone consists of about 40 smaller CPUs in different components, or 40 smaller computers. In that context, Elastos Smartweb is a computer, a blockchain is just a critical component, not even close to the most complicated components.For any blockchain projects, if it doesn’t open source, people can’t trust it. If it opens source code, someone from CR community could ported it to Elastos. Elastos is about forming a “New World”, witch still may fail. But we will never fail because of another blockchain project that beats us. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

“He who does not contend is above all competitions.” (Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching) which is a book of ancient teachings about how to rule a country, i.e., how to build an ecosystem :-)

We learn from W3C on how to establish standards in a democratic way. It’s not a place to showcase Elastos because attendees are all from big companies with agendas.

@chenrong, is it easy for any other blockchain company to copy everything and improve the structure of elastos? And have their own version of smart internet