Er zijn geen partnerships met grote gsm fabrikanten zoals huawei, dus er is momenteel geen enkele indicatie dat er iets beweegt spijtig genoeg.

Jan met de pet ligt ook niet wakker van zen data privacy, en al zeker niet als je eerst een 2de OS moet starten binnen je android of iOS.. dat is gewoon een totaal nutteloos spoor

Embedded binnen een app moet dat zich bevinden en de app zelf zal overtuigend moeten zijn, maar ook hier geen indicatie hiervoor

Het enige wat ik nog van Elastos verwacht is een klassieke P&D, maar zelfs die top zal mager zijn. Mischien eens een piekje ooit op 1B marketcap ofzo, nooit nog de ATH want die was met een zeer lage circulating supply. ATH market cap was 350M ofzo, aan die market cap zou de prijs nu nog maar 22usd zijn ofzo iets.

Exchanges blijven ook problematisch, alleen maar die rommel Huobi.. maar voor de prijs zelf heeft dit niet zo heel veel impact.

Ik ben er sinds de eesrste dag bij (spijtig genoeg). Altijd hard geloofd in het project, maar ik ben het vertrouwen kwijt geraakt. Hopelijk komt er ergens ooit een zwing en komt alles in een positieve spiraal terecht, maar momenteel geen teken van hoop daarvoor :(

The Elastos Blockchain (Gelaxy) Team has released an important ELA Node Upgrade and information for CR Council Supernodes as we get closer to the culmination of the CR Council Elections.

Important information regarding ELA Wallet:When voting for CR Council members via the ELA wallet, please understand following points:1. Please upgrade ELA Wallet to at least version 1.4.2 and wait for the latest block to be synchronized when opening the wallet.2. You can vote for multiple candidates at the same time. After the vote is submitted successfully, please confirm whether there is a voting record in the wallet record before exiting the ELA Wallet.3. Each new vote will cover the previous vote record.4. If the voting fails or there is an error message, you can try to conduct DPoS voting again. After the DPoS voting is confirmed, then you can switch to the CR Council voting.

This edition of the Bi-Weekly Update contains updates from Trinity Tech on elastOS, from the Blockchain Team on supernodes and the CR Council Election (ending June 10th), and continued progress from Tuum Tech and more.

Due to the continuous increase in computing power involved in the combined mining of both BTC and ELA, the CR Council voting block height cutoff is expected to arrive ahead of the originally scheduled time. The current estimate is that block 658930 will arrive around 5pm UTC on June 9th.

CR Council Elections end in approximately 24 hours at block height 658930! If you still have votes to cast, the race is extremely tight for the top 12 spots that will serve as our first ever democratically elected community leadership. Watch the countdown: and vote now!

ELA Wallet v1.4.3 Update For Android and iOSThis update includes the following new features:1. The CR Council function allows you to view information for each council member.2. The CR proposal function allows you to view the contents of classified proposals and vote on these proposals.3. Support for CR website functions like DID associate, login, signature, voting, proposal and others. 4. The re-voting function allows you to quickly add the candidates that have voted to the candidate list. (Android Only) Notes:-After the election period ends, the entrance to the CR Council Election will close and the election management function will provide an entrance to the CR Council interface. Unelected candidates can use the election management function to retrieve their ELA deposit.-In order to perform their official duties, CR Council members should use the wallet corresponding to the CR Council candidate DID.-You can scan the QR code provided by the CR website using the scan code function on the upper right part of the wallet homepage.-Before upgrading to the new version, please make sure to back up your wallet’s private key.Google Play: App Store:
ELA Wallet Android v1.4.3.1 Update AnnouncementThis version of ELA Wallet for Android contains the following fix:1. Elimination of spontaneous crash when entering "CR Council".Notes:-After elections have concluded, CR Council election participation will be temporarily closed, and the election management function will instead contain the CR Council interface. Unelected candidates can use the election management function to retrieve their respective ELA deposits.-Each CR Council member must use the wallet corresponding to his, her, or their organization’s candidate DID in order to perform duties.-The QR codes provided on the CR website can be scanned using the scanning function in the upper righthand corner of the wallet home screen.-As always, before upgrading to the newest version of ELA Wallet, please make sure to back up your wallet private key.Google Play Link: Blockchain TeamJune 10, 2020

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CR Regions has launched the CR Exchange Fund. ELA is ready to be listed on a top-tier global exchange and the last step is the listing fee. A new CR Suggestion is up to pay for most of this fee and the community can donate to it. All donations will be matched by Feng
The Elastos Bi-Weekly Update is packed with developments across the Founding Teams. With a new CR Council, Hyper released, and Tuum hosting an exciting webinar for devs next week, the progress just keep getting bigger.

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ELA Wallet iOS and Android Version 1.4.4 Update AnnouncementThis version of ELA Wallet for contains the following upgrades:1. Optimized Proposal process flow;2. Added CR Council member impeachment function;3. Added data reset function, which can re-synchronize data without uninstalling a given wallet;4. Added log compression function (iOS)5. Performed general bug fixes.Notes:-CR Council members should use the wallet corresponding to their election DID in order to perform their duties;-The QR codes provided on the CR website can be scanned using the scanning function on the upper right hand of the wallet homepage;-As always, before upgrading to the newest version of ELA Wallet, please make sure to back up your wallet private keys.Apple App Store: Play Link: Blockchain TeamJuly 1, 2020
Want a break from the community debates? Read the long list of updates from the technical teams in the EF Bi-Weekly Update:
CryptoName is now live on Elastos ETH Sidechain! Create your own customized name to make sending and receiving crypto simple and user friendly."CryptoName is a domain name service that not only links your Elastos, Ethereum & Bitcoin wallets. But also your Elastos DID, Website, Email, Telegram addresses and more to just one address, your CryptoName address."Website - CryptoName.OrgTelegram -
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Elastos.Info website! This community built site brings the entire ecosystem together under one roof for the first time.Link: Elastos.infoIntroducing the Elastos Info Blog! Our blog will focus on areas where the Official EF and CR blogs don’t - on broader ecosystem news and other areas that need a clear voice and platform for information dissemination.
elastOS Version 1.2.3 for Android is on Google Play. We've got plenty of new developer features with elastOS Background Services support, and we've added Avatar support for users.Upgrade your App and check out our GitHub Release Note for details:
elastOS update for Android, the launch of Assist, and the start of development of elastOS for desktop, plus lots of updates from all the core developments teams in the EF Bi-Weekly Update.
ELA Wallet Android Version 1.4.5 Upgrade AnnouncementThis version of ELA Wallet contains the following upgrades:1. Short domain name support function for Cryptoname payment address;2. Optimized wallet UTXO processing capacity;3. Optimized display effect for Proposals;4. Optimized main net DID synchronization function;5. Improved operation log recording function;Note:-As always, please remember to back up your wallet prior to performing this upgrade.Google Play Link:
The CR proposal to burn 80% of its 16.31m ELA fund has officially passed. This democratically led decision is a significant moment for both CR and the greater Elastos community around the world.
Onsale - the Elastos NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplace created by our very own Elastos DMA Team is now available for download in the Google Play Store and in web version.Web: onsale.elastosmall.comPlay Store:
Vouch has been released: a simple Get started video at:
Want to create your own .ela domain in just 3 minutes? ELANS, created by the Cyber Republic ETH Task Force, is Elastos’ own version of Ethereum's ENS and is now live and ready for registrations.Link: https://elans.elaeth.ioAnnouncement:
The Cyber Republic token burn of 13m ELA is scheduled to take place on July 30th, 2020 at 9am UTC. Read about the decision and review all of the important metrics here:
BOOM! Elastos is integrating Chainlink oracles to support ELA CDPs. By utilizing Chainlink with our ETH Sidechain, developers will be able to build any kind of DeFi platform on top of the Elastos SmartWeb's unique architecture.
The 80% burn of the CR ELA Fund is complete. The black hole burn address can be found here:
The Elaphant Team has reached a cooperation agreement with StorSwift, one of the largest miners of Filecoin, with strategic plans to utilize Elastos Hive and the Elaphant Wallet. Read about it here:
Native ecosystem application MyGreenPass and global charity platform Bithelp have formed a strategic cooperation. Read the details here:
In a big two weeks for the ecosystem at large, let’s take a look at the progress of the founding teams in the EF Bi-Weekly Update.