30,000ELA for the 1.3 million DIDs registered. In fact, tokens went to Myanmar users via ViewChain, not really to the ViewChain itself, as a way to say sorry to the Elastos community.

Fascinating. So, with this news, I assume that viewchain was able to partner with a Burmese bank for these users to offload their ELA?

Or is the ELA still sitting in the viewchain wallets of these 1.3m DID’s?

During our auditing with ViewChain, they admitted that they unlocked the tokens we sent to their wallet. They said sorry and continued to push for one million DIDs they promised. EF took the funds back after the incident.

I don’t know about Burmese banks. I would assume that ELA tokens were part of incentives for users to play with ELA. ViewChain also gave out real Android smartphones from other partners.

interesting DID sidechain stats from a week ago



"Tuum Technologies is a company founded by the Elastos DX Team. Since Elastos is slowly becoming more decentralized, teams that worked directly under Elastos Foundation have slowly started to create and operate under their own company name to build a brand for themselves. Tuum Technologies is just one of those companies. All the members still work for Elastos and operation wise, nothing has changed but we're just getting ready to be more decentralized in the future. There is also a team called "Gelaxy" which were previously Blockchain Team but have now been rebranded to work under their own umbrella instead of directly under Elastos Foundation. There is another team for Trinity and Elaphant and now Tuum. There was an article that was published a while ago that explained this gradual transition that would be coming and this is just one of those transitions you're seeing here with Tuum Tech having our own channel for everything we do."

Had to tweet again https://twitter.com/Elastos_org/status/1224819626359558145?s=19

@coltieboy provided a good overview in his response. This is the public facing entity of what was the Elastos DX Team - same members // same initiative, but better positioned to provide growth opportunities for Elastos.It hasn’t been widely promoted because what is important are the projects being built by this team (Gitella, Nucleus Console, Elastos Academy, Academy App, elastOS UI/UX, among others). Operating under Tuum allows for a better funnel to onboard professionals / developers and reduced friction to quickly ramp up projects.We look forward to sharing more information as this team progresses. 👍 @TheTunaInTheBrine

I had plan to collect some of my friends And form small animation group for Elastos Short 30 seconds cartoons to introduce Elastos vision for kids ( even for adults too ) with cute charactersBut , Gandhi gone so unbelievably He was really good asset for me But , today , I don't see any hopeness light holeAt least , for now

Thanks for your suggestions. Indeed, we had some past practices using drag-n-drop to generate code (appmaker.elastos.com) and micro websites (sitemaker.elastos.com) back in Kortide years under Foxconn investments. For example, In 2014 Ben Piette, now the lead of elastOS, developed MakeMeDroid.com. And the Kortide Taiwan team, now ioeX, operated Minisocials.com in 2016, using the source code I licensed from a startup in Shanghai owned by an ex-Kortide employee at $3000 per upgrade.The biggest lesson learned is “don’t do it” — focusing on what we do best and let others to succeed.According to the video you recommended, the target code generated is solidity, so it should run on the Elastos ETH sidechain. Why don’t we let the best solution win?Building a new Internet, one could say that we have to do everything, or one could say that we have to do nothing. Less is more.

See, comparing to some other “new Internet” projects, you might find a few, we don’t invent new programming languages and try to leverage other power houses as much as possible.

But if they don't know about elastos then how can they move to elastos ?

Its hard when elastos is not so popular

Best tech does not always win

The one that get the biggest market share do

They don’t move. Their smart contracts should just work.Read my arguments in my last week’s write up. Without overcoming the obstacles I described, their off-chain code will be wasted anyway. Otherwise shouldn’t they have already got some killer apps already?Decentralized chat, decentralized browser/websites, decentralized Smarthome IoT, could we just focus on the triads ourselves? Instead of soliciting other developers, I will push/reward Elastos core teams and our existing community developers.Let’s focus on acquiring 20 thousand users at a time. Outside developers are nice to have, but not necessarily must to have.

I understand a bit more now. But still hard to imagine that elastos could get like 20 thousand users this year though. Its still so quiet now.

Don’t Elastos core teams get some credits for deploying one million set top boxes and one million old DID registers in Myanmar?

Crypto currency calls for a crypto nation, ie., Cyber Republic. EF is building a new continent, sustained by mining ELA, there may be one nation or there may be many nations that issue different tokens. That said, Elastos is not just a tech because it’s not a product. To found a nation, it’s more of a matter of philosophy.

Hope everyone back in China is safe and sound. Scary times.

Still a philosophy might also fail, but that’s a bigger problem at a higher abstraction level. Total valuation of all crypto projects combined is about 1/5 of Microsoft or Apple or Amazon, which means that hardly any one on the street believe in crypto tokens as a philosophy yet.

Elastos core teams have adopted the DAO working model since last October, see KP’s recent explanations about the Tuum team, which means that most developers don’t have to go to the office every day. So as it turns out, the incident of the nCoV virus in China has very little impact on our teams.

But the philosophy at a lower level, building an ecosystem, we don’t invent new programming languages etc. will carry us a long way.

The only reason I didn’t give up for the last twenty years was a single belief that hardly anyone realized: “apps should not send/receive network packets directly”, not twenty years ago, not today.The title of my last write-up was “it’s a stupid world after all”, then on a second thought it’s a bit too dramatic.

I do have great hopes for Gitella.


There is a good guy coming to Elastos as possible Council together with the man himself @ClarenceL