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elastOS Version 1.1 for Android comes with several new features including a sleek and enhanced UI/UX. Read about all the new upgrades and download today in the Google Play Store.
ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 update announcementThe latest version of the ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 has been released.The details of this update is as follows:1. Adds the function of creating DID, which supports adding personal credentials2. Candidates for CR members can issue relevant election related information through their personal credentials3. Supports the binding of Elastos DID and CR website account and login to CR account by scanning QR code4. Optimizes wallet start-up speed 5. Adds "node connection setting" functionNotes:-CR member candidates need to create DID, add avatar information, personal profile and other election related information to personal credentials, and publish all election related information through "Update DID Information";-After CR council candidates create Elastos DID, they need to complete the binding with DID through "Update Registration Information".-Please back up your wallet before you perform the upgrading.

Community Announcement: Trinity Tech Ltd., the team responsible for the development of elastOS and its integral technologies, would like to provide an update on the current state of iOS integration. elastOS has progressed to Apple's testflight, an important milestone in the iOS App Store's publication process. However, because the elastOS app currently contains a webview wallet, it does not meet the criteria required to advance to publication. In the interim, Apple has validated elastOS for testflight while a native wallet is developed. In order to implement the necessary development adjustments, Trinity Tech has conservatively set aside two months. In the meantime, while development is underway on the native wallet, all community members interested in providing feedback and contributing to the testing process are encouraged to email the team directly at [email protected] you for your patience and continued support.