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I thought you’d like this.

😃. The announcement today are just mind-blowing, plus everyone on You Tube seems to be talking about Elastos. Announcement seems to be coming one after another. And it hasn’t hit the US market (really) yet.

Remember - we need to like the comment, not the video.

All - This is who is addressing the Parliamentary Treasury Committee. They put Blockchain into 3 groups.. the good, the bad and the ugly.....decentralised public ledgers that use crypto currencies to allow trustless transactions = the bad.....This is very worrying. Why are our politicians only listening to a small group of people.

We need them to listen to Andreas Antonopoulos

They are being brainwashed by big business. If the fail to listen to the “biggest” group, then the UK will miss out on being part of the 4th industrial revolution

In the video, they say that the largest group in support of Blockchain technology is the “bad” group, that supports crypto currency, ICOs, crimes etc

Supporters of Decentralisation

I doubt it..... The question needs to be asked.... Does Parliament really want to hear what we have to say? They will not want to lose power and party political donations

Why are they only inviting a select group to the meeting?

Who decided who shd attend this meeting?

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I have just sent Andreas a message via his web page using the miscellaneous request form. I hope that he responds.

Seeing the price at £21.90 just seems unbelievable. I have brought more, but I truly don’t understand why people are selling. It will be open to the US market any day now. If you needed to sell coz of money, wouldn’t you just give it to the end of the month? I just don’t get it

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They're scared, thinking it will keep going down, and they'll lose all there money! Trying to salvage something... then they'll jump back in when it's $100! The Sell low buy high strat!

Well, their loss. I just think it’s a real shame for them - even if it does go down, I wouldn’t take the chance for a few more ELAs. Just not worth the risk

A new exchange could be announced tomorrow- who knows?

England has done well. Hopefully this win will raise to mood of the country and bring everyone together again. I really hope that we win

In relation to ELA - over the last few months I have been buying like mad cos of the 7 exchanges which will allow tge USA and South Korea in - but now the price has dropped so so low, I can’t help but think that if the 7 exchanges are now listed, I may just break even..... a bit disappointing if I am honest

Yes - that’s what I keep telling myself. Got in to crypto in Apr 2017. All the gains of the last year have been wiped away. Just need to stop my crypto addictions, focus on my day job, and HODL...

I did something really silly too. I put all of my annual bonus into buying Neo in Jan before the crash on 17th.... So down on Neo... thought it would rise to $1000 per coin. Now Neo is dropping like mad, not real news and everyone is raving about Achain. I am still a believer in ELA - unlike the main chat, I think that the team do have investors interests at heart. I

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Yeah, the technology will happen with or without my money. I still see this as a chance for many of us to make a lot of money. There aren't any other investment opportunities with such a possible high return.

I am with you. Love the tech, love how it will change the world, but also see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s the best feeling when it goes up - but awful when it goes down.. Mind you - it’s never easy to make money...

Didn’t Foxconn just join the Ethereum Alliance? Does that mean they r teaming Ethereum to be a side chain on ELA or is Foxconn just edging their bets?

Sir Tim is working his own platform - Solid - which sounds like ELA

English folks - How are you cashing out of crypto to BPS. Uphold is now closed to BPS..... I would welcome any advice.

Thoughts of the day: Since i‘m on vacation and can‘t be here very often, i decided to make a small series of posts help everyone to understand Elastos better. Today is the first post and i will try to make one every day. Yesterday i was in Cologne, a beautiful city with buildings and Brauhäuser older than most countries. The Rhein, one of the longest rivers in Europe, flows through the city and is a wonderful place to go for a walk. That‘s what i did but instead of enjoying the weather and the view over the river and the city there was something other that caught my attention: a billboard. But how come an advertisement is more interesting than century old buildings, the Rhein with its bridges and the famous Kölner Dom? Because of Elastos. Everywhere i go i see potential use cases for Elastos as a secure operating system and p2p network. The ad was about smart locks. They advertised that it‘s possible to manage access rights over the internet. Wouldn‘t this be really useful? Just imagine you‘re in my position and going on vacation and have a cat at home. Someone needs to take care of her and feed her. This means i have to hand over my key to someone for them to gain access to my home. Or if you have someone for cleaning your appartment you have to do the same. In every instance you hand over your key to someone else, they have the possibility to copy it and later on use it for whatever they want to do and whenever they want to. A Smart Lock which is connected to the internet can make this process much smother. I can give anyone access to my home with just a click and even unlock my door on request from everywhere on the world and i can limit access to a certain period of time. Sounds amazing, doesn‘t it? It does not. We all know too well how easy it is to hack any device and execute MIM attacks. Do we really want to have these vulnerabilities in something as important as the door lock to our homes? For me the answer certainly is no but i still want the benefits of a Smart Lock. Here comes Elastos: As a truly decentralized and secure p2p network and operating system, Elastos provides a solution to the problems i mentioned above. No more hacks, no more MIM and DDoS attacks and no more traffic monitoring. These features are perequisites not only for Smart Locks but for the Smart Home of the future in general and to the best of my knowledge, Elastos is the only viable solution to those problems (if you want to know how it prevents them you should read the beginner‘s guide to Elastos, link in the pinned post). Why am i telling you about this? There are so many ways in which Elastos could help making our future both easier and more secure at the same time. Currently everything blockchain related is way too complicated (just try and tell someone who has never used cryptos before to call a smart contract on any existing blockchain, they will have a bery hard time) and the internet is way too insecure and even scary for the most part. The status quo is unacceptable and needs to be changed. Elastos will be this absolutely necessary change. Thanks to Rong Chen, Feng Han and everyone else who worked on Elastos for the last 18 years, our kids will grow up in a world where they don‘t have to worry about a hacker breaking into their smart house, smart car, smart stove and smart clothing, the smart grid, nuclear power plants, trains, planes, boats or other critical infrastructure. Let‘s help them make this dream come true and support Elastos where ever we can. Onward! Upward! Elastos!

It’s hurting a lot. Brought more yesterday but my order took a very long time to fill. I cancelled it 3 times and went higher. The point is that whilst the price is low, I don’t think too many people are actually selling

If I'm reading this right - all you need now is a little patience.

Yes. 🤞 My point is - do we actually know how many ELA are being sold at this low price. It took ages for my order to fill yesterday..... saying that, I shd have brought today..,

Honestly, I do not understand why anyone would sell at this low price when the airdrops are due mid-Aug

And me.... I need more money 😭

Personally I don’t think that the drop is the ETFs anymore. Now it’s just a diving because people either need money (bear market has gone on too long) or the want to sell to buy BTC or buy later to make a profit

I thought that the Turkey currency situation would make the market rise.. but it hasn’t.

Can we still use our wallets as normal after we have added the Ethereum address. Also, if there is a future ERC20 airdrop, will we have to add another ERC 20 address, or will the same address last for all future airdrops as well

Love it. You all look very relaxed and happy

Folks - Here is the Treasury Committee’s Report. Released today - recommends regulations to come under the FCA’s jurisdiction. If anyone knows the task force, please can you DM me.

This is interesting.

It’s starting Folks. China to launch its own cryptocurrency via Bank of China as a stable coin. Mass adoption for the country with all Chinese exchanges allowed to re-open.

Hello - Does anyone know if IOEX has a telegram group? If so, could you share the link please?

Superstar. Thank you