:-) for the current project UC is running please check for UKCC we’ve started cryptocurrency investment since last year, and recently invested in a IPFS mining machine company in China. And yes need to update website with our roadmap of blockchain engagement!

Hot off the press.... ioeX builds a decentralized peer-to-peer network based on existing servers and smart devices. With the interconnection between nodes, ioeX network is able to update software without going through the OTA server. Meanwhile, ioeX incorporates blockchain technology and issues cryptocurrency “ioeX coin” as the reward and incentive for relay and storage devices. Ioex is estimated to reduce the M2M (machine-to-machine) data transmission cost by 70%, which could be equal to USD 12.6 billion per year in 2020. Ioex is an application built on ELASTOS blockchain

Exactly, it first needs to be positioned to mainstream audiences and business as a rock-solid secure, censorship resistant, platform agnostic OS... not a cryptocurrency

Another dump. Bitcoin down another 10% while the rest of the market more than 20%. It's a no-brainer that the negative impacts us more than the positive, and that's exactly why it's difficult to keep track of the good news we've been getting the last month regarding cryptocurrencies, but seriously, it's impressive! Let us enlighten you. We have got tons of good news including but not limited to: - Australians can now pay bills with Bitcoin; Link ( - Bitcoin transaction value reaches 1.3T$ and surpases PayPal: Link ( - Coinbase survey shows 18% of US students now own cryptocurrencies: Link ( - NASDAQ moves closer to listing coins: Link ( - SQUARE wins patent for cryptocurrency payment network: Link ( - VOLKSWAGEN Group working on real applications of blockchain for their cars: Link ( - BYD (One of the largest selling car brand in China) partners with Vechain to empower carbon monitoring development and sustainable ecosystems: Link ( - People's Insurance Company of China (PICC), one of the largest insurer globally with $126 billion total assets, is opting to embrace blockchain technology. Link ( - Crypto-backed Brave browser hits 10m downloads on the Google play store: Link ( - Bakkt's CEO confirms buying and selling Bitcoin will be fully collateralized or it will be pre-funded on the exchange: Link ( - Over 4000 merchants gain access to the Lightning Network. Link ( - Elon Musk's Tweet. Adoption? 😂: Link ( - And of course, the best for the end, TRON partnering with a smart toilet supplier in China: Link ( But, market doesn't seem to care about all this, does it? Just a negative news or two is good enough to make the market go into perpetual shitstorm. In past few months, we saw market showing a better resistance to the negative news than we've ever seen but it appears we're still suckers to the negativity that has befallen us in the name of market crash. No matter how good the future might be, no matter we are getting the adoption or not it seems the present day negativity isn't going anywhere. But don't forget. No matter how low the market falls from here on, tech development, innovation, adoption isn't going to stop. No crash can stop these inevitables.

It’s starting Folks. China to launch its own cryptocurrency via Bank of China as a stable coin. Mass adoption for the country with all Chinese exchanges allowed to re-open. Cryptocurrency Exchange Candy Plan - Sign up to get candy coins for free. Use the below link to sign up for Bitsdaq and you will receive a lot of BXBC Candy Reward for free.