People say DApps are the future. But could we come to consensus for the following two questions? (1) DApps could not be shutdown by a third party. (2) DApps, as digital assets, should preserve their value for 10 years or more, i.e., they should still run after 10 years or more.Taking Crypto Kitty for example, if the website is down, can you run your kitty? Are you sure that the kitty client app would run on a host OS in ten years? BTC blockchain has been running for more than ten years. How about Ethereum smart contracts? Asking the right questions is the first step towards solving them.Elastos is not there yet, but we are moving towards the direction to answer above questions, and the Elastos Smartweb has been running since yesterday. Hooray!

Good, honest review of Elastos on YouTube by the Crypto Lark.

What’s everyone’s opinion on ELA being on the ICE list of 58 crypto’s they going to include on their data feed / potential index
Dear community,I need your help! I have been a token holder of Elastos for a long time. I have invested heavily in what I believe is one of the worlds greatest technological developments in the Blockchain sector. We are all likely to be thinking the same otherwise we wouldn’t be here.Outside of crypto I operate a network of businesses that focus on the blockchain sectors and work with a various top 50 projects to great success.I have been thinking for a while on how I could assist Elastos personally. Today I have submitted a proposal to the Cyber Republic in which I believe could dramatically help. I am using all resources available to me to put this together including at a personal cost. I have proposed a heavily subsidised solution that in my professional opinion represents extraordinary value to Elastos not to mention a 6 month commitment from me and my resources. Please lend support in taking us forward. We need it. Thank you

I think it’s great for global understanding of BTC and crypto though.

Welcome to Hyper.IM, a completely decentralized, free, peer-to-peer messenger for maximum privacy & security powered by Elastos!-Chat in real time-End-to-End Encryption -Audio/Video/Group Chat Coming soon-Live video coming soonThe App is available onAndroid IOS the websites and are now publicly available.Both the website and the documentation are fully open source and are hosted on GitHub Pages, anyone may contribute.Website:, the Edge Client, which is one of the two components of the HyperConnect Framework, that is running on Internet-of-Things devices is now available on GitHub:GitHub: more information please see the website and the documentation .To get a good overview of what is possible with the Edge Client, please also have a look at the tutorial for Raspberry Pi: Hyper Supernode is now also registered at ElaBank and will be sending out voter rewards weekly. 50% will go to voters, 20% of rewards distributed to HyperConnect contributors and 30% will be used for marketing of Hyper apps Any input and contribution to this community is appreciated, but remember, be respectful of one another.- No referral links, links to other telegram groups/channels, other cryptocurrencies or spams. You may be banned without notice. - No price speculation/prediction, chart analysis, portfolio discussions, lambo talk etc. Enforcement:- first infringement: Warning by an admin- second infringement: Muted for 3 days- third infringement: BanAwareness:- Admin will never contact you first or solicit any kind of payment through pm.- Please report ANYONE asking you to make a payment, for your private wallet address, or anything that feels suspicious.The following are the admins of this channel. Feel free to tag or DM with any questions:@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@ChenRongYou can also contact us via Email : [email protected] :

Hi everyone - I need your help! I'm building a repository of traditional and social media journalists in these sectors: Technology, Science, Gaming, Economic/Business and Social Affairs in these countries: UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Russia. The aim is to expand this out to all European countries over time. I shall share these lists on the Orchard site when it's up and running; in the meantime they will be shared on Google Docs. As you each read the papers or social media posts and see the names of journalists and influencers that we need to speak with please send them to me. Ideally I need their Country, Publication Name (e.g. The Times), Twitter account, Email address and any biography info you may have. Find me on Twitter (at)ElastosOrchard and (at)ChrisMacCrypto
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