Thanks Rob. I believe firmly that the UK should be a leader the new smart-web and Elastos should feature heavily.

Another interesting story about privacy. If you’re not yet following Orchard on Twitter, please do. We aim to be the European Regional hub for Elastos. The team includes Chris Mac, Jochem, Sash and KP and we run our own Elastos node too. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our progress in Europe.

We have hit block 537 670 👏 elections now activated on the blockchain

@csmacg is a very worthy candidate for the CR Council and I for one will be voting for him....Besides this it would be nice to have a fellow Britt on the council.

i think that's one of the reasons why we develop trinity-elastOS. users don't have to go to play store or apple store to download elastos apps, we have our own app store inside elastOS. devs don't have to worry about google or apple censorship when developing apps

CRC election rules.
..I have been seeing post about him everywhere and a lot of traders keep on saying so many good things about him '' you can reach him I eventually did and it turns out to be legit. I followed his instructions with which i invested and within a week I got back my profit, directly to my blockchain wallet I started seeing good results. Last week l made a successful withdrawal. don't stop worrying him he will help you out. Thank you so much Mr Douglas Alfred

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This is becoming a common occurrence.

Here's my suggestion for Elastos representation at the London Blockchain EXPO Global in March 2020. This is an amazing event with over 9000 attendees from all the communities we wish to engage. Please support.

The transitional period of moving CR power from the foundation to a decentralized community is a huge undertaking of both trust and risk that needs to be taken very seriously. The Orchard core team are optimistic for the future of Elastos; the three of us are applying as one to run for a seat on the CR Council. Find out more about us and our pledge at our new @ElastosOrchard website:

To us the logo says: Ecosystem, Collaboration, Community, Onwards & Upwards, Elastos. Oh, and an Orchard of course.... in which we can “grow more Apples”.www.elastosorchard.euHappy New Year. 🤗

Now with a link that works...

More and more people joining since the news of ElastOS 🙌🏼

Please share this tweet widely to your friends and colleagues. Thank you.

I hope y'all having a good time

I've written a suggestion to go to the London Blockchain Conference to represent Elastos, with me Jochem and Sasha - and if possible, Clarence. I'm chatting the organisers tomorrow, and I'd really like to get some additional support for the idea. Please follow the link and like to raise attention to this fantastic opportunity.

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🔥 Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting Rong Chen and some of the Elastos team in Paris! Some notes below:🔹 Rong explained where Elastos comes from. It means both another cloud and an elastic OS. It was born from a desire to get back our privacy and achieve a smart economy. ❌ Right now, applications can send packets containing our data at will. Elastos will provide an OS that will control the network connections of the applications, therefore preventing them to leak or receive unauthorized data. 👉 A good and vivid example is about home security cameras. Do we know what the company who handles them does with the footage? They could easily have an AI-based image recognition software run on all the feeds from all the cameras they've sold and know who visits each home, at what time. Maybe even know what's going on inside many houses. 🌐 You've understood it, Elastos can bring an unprecedented level of privacy to the IoT world. Rong was also mentioning Tesla for example. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Wherever there's critical data, there's a potential need for privacy.📚Another use case is the P2P selling of digital assets. Elastos will provide atomic swaps when trading them: the copy of a book or a song will be deleted from user A's device, sent to user B's device and the funds for the transaction will go from B to A at the same time. They are big on fighting piracy. They are also working on a digital capsule for DRM, probably out next year.♦️ Companies are very aware of the fact that data is misused but they don't care because they make money. 🎤 It will be possible to buy tickets for events thanks to Elastos before August. No more scalping.💰 Rong was very open about the financial state of the Elastos foundation, saying they raised the equivalent of 6500 BTC in August 2017. 👥 They have about 100 employees.✈️ They do not fly first class or stay in 5-star hotels. Rong even said he's willing to have someone from the community who has a CPA and is willing to sign an NDA to take a look at the books and write a report for the community.✅ They are trying to make their funds last for as long as they can and then Elastos will be fully autonomous, governed by the nodes and the community. The foundation is not only a non-profit but also nearly a non-income foundation.💎 Elastos will bridge so many services thanks to their protocol built on top of the TCP/IP layer, not on the blockchain itself. They will have many partners covering all the needs for users: storage, computation, sending messages and exchanging value. They will support the Ethereum blockchain and others. Their vision is an all-encompassing ecosystem. 📅 They are about to go live in a few weeks with another big update. They're just giving a few weeks for the nodes to update the software and run some tests to make sure everything will be smooth. 🙏 It was a great event. Elastos has very interesting things planned. Rong has been working on this for the past 20 years. He's been through many hardships which have solidified his vision and his will. Really looking forward to seeing how things will develop.

📡 Wallet dApp updated in store:- Replaced long black screen with a waiting screen (but still slow to load for wallets with many transactions)- Force sync chains before sending any transaction, to avoid strange transaction errors or users trying to send transactions again- Improved transaction error feedback- Fixed transactions status not updating