I think this, 😣, is his reasoning. Truth be told, all Alts are currently suffering a lot. There is really not much anyone can do besides making sure to keep up with the promises. The only way to pump the price temporarily is by buying off market makers, which is totally not ethical. I am bearish because of the global market conditions (we can't influence that at all). I am super bullish on the updated roadmap. Even more bullish because we might get a makerDAO&Aragon port to Elastos and the first dApps will soon be running in the elastos browser. And of course Hyper, Anypeer, DMA and DAEX are coming.Good things are coming our way! But I am really not sure if they will influence the price at all.In the meantime,.... I am buying and hodling 😊. Bear markets are great for that.
If you haven't already voted, then please vote.
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How is orchard going?

Hey Doniel, sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. I have a relatively senior and responsible position in my sector and it consumes the vast amount of my time. Orchard is still forming. We have one new member of the team, Sash, who is excellent; he has a passion for Elastos and works in the film industry. He has been overseeing the technical translation of all the bi-weekly reports into the main European languages. In doing so we’ve also built the European community.

Rachid has been working on AllianceBlock and this experience is invaluable to us.

KP is working as hard as ever, and you’ll be tracking his output for Elastos Academy and Noderators too.

Jochem is central to our coordination at the moment and has been driving work to ensure IPR, fair rewards and decentralisation with music partners. He’s briefed at the highest levels recently and there’s some exciting news on the way here. More to follow.

I have been busy too. E.g:- briefed cyber security ISC2 Chapter in London- linked with Defence Joint Innovation Hub in London and will brief senior Army General in charge of Digital Transformation in the NY- linked to Defence Science & Technology Labs (DSTL) open Innovation challenge with a view to hosting hackathon for devs- linked to BBC innovation- linked to CrowdCube founder - linked to NimbusNinety to give a Elastos brief in mid-2020- potential to attend 3 x Blockchain conferences in 2020 as Orchard (business cases yet to go into CR).

I guess my most pressing news is that I intend to leave my full-time job in mid 2020 to support Elastos and drive Orchard forwards. Details are opaque at the moment, but it’s a significant life-changing decision which I’ve not taken lightly. I have real faith in Rong’s philosophy and the tech. We can make a real difference in the world. 🌍

Tune in at 6pm (UK) this evening folks...

Impressive stuff, thanks for the update and beat of luck with your move to full time Orchard.

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The Elastos Blockchain Team will be implementing an upgrade to the Elastos blockchain browser at 2:00am UTC on December 18, 2019. The upgrade process will span approximately 3 days, during which the function of the Elastos Web Wallet and blockchain browser will be temporarily suspended. ELA Wallet and Elephant Wallet will continue to function normally during this time.The upgrade includes the following improvements:1. New transaction types;2. Added details for difficulty calculation display;3. Added Block Confirm information;4. Known issue fixes.Elastos Blockchain Team - Dec 17, 2019

The Inaugural round of Cyber Republic Council Elections is about to commence! Read the full announcement below to learn how to get involved in the formation of Elastos' community governance.

Everyone should read this article. I believe Elastos could indeed shed light to the global privacy problem.
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