For anyone with ideas (with or without Elastos, but ideally, with):
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Hi guys. The iOS wallet has failed on my phone. Probably due to ios13. Also my stick drive has decided to fail with my backup code on it. Is there anyway of getting the app to open now on my phone? Thanks.

Folks - What coin tracker app would u recommend for UK taxes? I am completely lost. Any suggestions would be appreciated

If you've made enough to be liable for UK tax then I'm impressed!

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ELA will on dex ?

ELA will on dex ?

Don't think so, I'm pretty sure the @admin should delete it.

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Elastos news is so compelling. It’s been a wild ride, but if you’ve been here since the start you’ll have foreseen this and the potential value.
If accurate,then these figures are absolutely shocking..

Elastos Australia has sent you an ELA red packet, open it via this link:

@Everyone:Hi Guys - I’m thinking of giving up my well paid full time job to work full time on Elastos and blockchain for a year (summer 2020-2021). I need to decide by Jan. What do you think? I’ve a couple of ideas that’s I’d like to pursue including: - making weekly podcasts / videos on Elastos for noobs- turbo-charging the UK Elastos community and Orchard as European business hub- writing a book about Rong / Feng and Elastos’ place in historyI’ve never done any of the above before, but I’ve got spirit and a great network. I’m struggling to see how I could make money for subsistence, but I’ll have a small stipend to cover mortgage and basics.What do you think? All ideas / advice considered. Cheers, Chris

If you found a role that would benefit from your expertise, I’d help garner support from the community.

Yes, that’s an option, through CR.

Chris Mac 🌓🌕🌗SN
Thanks for your support.

I've got a feeling next year will be a very busy year for Elastos.If you are in a position to try then why not. Go for it.