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Elastos, in fact, is a Decentralized Cloud Computing platform. Together with decentralized Cloud Storage such as IPFS and Consensus Computing such as ETH or NEO Smart Contracts, the Triads form an universal Smartweb Computing environment.In my opinion,  there are four kinds of operating systems: the general purpose device OS; the peripheral (IoT) device OS; the virtual machine OS running App/dApp; the Smartweb network OS.An unified OS for all kinds of CPU motherboards, such as Win10, Google's Fuchsia and Huawei's HarmonyOS should be the future, which would make it easier for the Smartweb to dock upon.Furthermore, the Internet is a platform for everyone in the world to communicate with one another, which cannot and should not be affiliated with a company or an organization.  Elastos Smartweb is open sourced, autonomous running, and without any organization or company controling it.The Internet incubates companies and facilitates inovations, whereas companies compete for profits and survival.  There is only one evolving Internet, but there are many long or short lived companies.

I’ve been thinking about my own learning and I am thinking about taking this 6 week online course through Oxford. I note that Saifedeen Ammous is also now running an online course for The Blockchain Standard. And @ElastosAcademy are building course material for GMU. I think there’s a link between the education for cyber security professionals and Elastos. There’s no point putting patches on a broken internet. When companies demand Elastos solutions, developers will come. How about we specifically tailor the GMU / Academy products for the Cyber Security audience too? Thoughts?

“Paper bills have no value by themselves. The citizens of Cyber Republic define the value of ELA”. We better get to it! If you s not visited the CR site recently, it’s worth doing to see what ideas are being proposed, what help is required or to submit your own idea.

Hi everyone - I need your help! I'm building a repository of traditional and social media journalists in these sectors: Technology, Science, Gaming, Economic/Business and Social Affairs in these countries: UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Russia. The aim is to expand this out to all European countries over time. I shall share these lists on the Orchard site when it's up and running; in the meantime they will be shared on Google Docs. As you each read the papers or social media posts and see the names of journalists and influencers that we need to speak with please send them to me. Ideally I need their Country, Publication Name (e.g. The Times), Twitter account, Email address and any biography info you may have. Find me on Twitter (at)ElastosOrchard and (at)ChrisMacCrypto

Winchester meet-up. I am planning an Elastos meet-up in Winchester in September with Martin Knight and Sash. Who's interested?

CRC Whitepaper 1.0 Released

Love this! If you’ve not seen #TheGreatHack on Netflix, you deserve to watch it.

LEO is a special unit used to perform various actions in the Trusted Computing Platform. Similar to how Ethereum blockchian uses gas to perform computations in the Ethereum network, Trusted Computing Platform uses LEO to perform various computations

​​Elastos Leo: World Bank, Tencent Cloud VP, Huawei CSE and moreBy Amos T
MoU to develop and implement blockchain wallet integration into Dacsee’s social ride-hailing mobile applications by utilising Elastos’ Ethereum Sidechain
You can start right now:Develop Decentralized, Scalable Apps on Elastos!Start building apps with the tools that you already know and love. Draw on our suite of developer technologies to create the scalable, smart and stunning apps of the future… Secure the hashpower of BTC, freely build off ETH and NEO sidechains, utilize a P2P network and fully decentralized data storage and ownership for every single DApp.Step 1: Visit Elastos Academy at 2: Catch the latest Developer Workshop and join our mailing list at 3: Get technical on our Developer Portal at are here to equip you with the building blocks to construct the next breakthrough technology!HOT TOPIC:As promised, here is a developers technical preview of Trinity. Here are a few information: - For developers only. Do not expect anything cool in the app. The main purpose is for developers to start creating dapps and write hive/carrier code inside trinity. - Android only for this release. Next releases will include iOS as well. - APK download: - Quickstart guide: - What you can do: use trinity-cli to create an empty dapp and upload it to trinity on an android device - Please do not fill any issue on github for now (except for trinity-cli), we are actively working on many things - We are going to release more regular versions of trinity in the future (including app store releases), so that the community can better follow this project.- Please send your trinity related feedback and questions to this channel using the hashtag #trinityfeedback so it’s easier for us to look for them later on

Let’s consider Hyperconnect...

From & VisualizationObtain relevant metrics, recognize patterns and understand data by placing it in a visual context.Built-in Python CompilerCreate, manage and validate python scripts on a low-level for sensors with the built-in compiler.Data Collection & ProcessingCollect data in real-time from multiple inputs and produce meaningful information automatically.Device & Sensor ManagementManage and monitor multiple devices and sensors locally or remotely in a simple and secure manner.Graphical User Interface (GUI)The Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows maximum flexibility with no - or minimal - coding.100% Peer-to-Peer ConnectivitySecure peer-to-peer communication for the entire Internet-of-Things network. Own your data.

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