ya, I'm thinking to have a meetup in BKK soon. Are you guys interested?

the DMA 1.0 will be ready, we have several dApps running. I think it is the good time to introduce to the community and attract some developers. that Hackathon project is a prove that any traditional dev can build dApps on DMA quickly.

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however, last meetup we got quite low numbers of participants. not sure how it would be for this time

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I have a quick question.

I'm thinking about a meetup in Thailand around Oct-Nov. Do you guys feel it is doable? the location can be in BKK, can also be on an island in south-east side of Thai (close to Trat). What do you think?

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Hi. This chatroom is active or inactive?

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Well I'm around but the main TG group is better

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