The SPV is going to be ready on the 10th so I guess around the 10th if the exchanges are fast enough. :) - Fay The following are the admins of this channel. Feel free to tag or DM with any questions: @namejeffcrypto

@TreeVong Are u Thai ?

good i ll try to run Developer community in Thailand Cheers

help me spread the word LOL

I just spread this on big bitcoin thailand community club on trlegram

สวัสดี Elastos

Is this authorized group?

it's community group for Elastos fan !!

ดีค้าบ ชวนเพื่อนมากันหน่อยครับ

so many Thai people found this gem hahaha nice

many got in during ico

u guys max out all 3rd round ?

เฮงๆ ครับ

wait what

you know Thai?

Yeah i know Thai

did u guys lockup ?

i did. 3 years 😂

👍👍👍 good

I was holding Elastos since ICO. When i will get airdrop ?

I will try to reach out Developer Community in Thailand

Anything that becomes an Elastos ecosystem strategic cooperation project should be locked in at no less than 2% of the total circulation of the project tokens in Elastos coin. 20% will go to the development and operation of the Foundation, and 80% will be divided among all coin holders

i did. 3 years 😂

3000$ / ELA in 3 years 👍👍👍

moon talk allow in sub group right lol

no rules here hahaha casual talk

no haha here. only 555

Attention developers! Join our live stream tomorrow May 8th at 6:30pm Pacific time ( May 9th at 1.30 am in Thailand ) for the first Developer Meetup and technical AMA!

Tree is our ELA whale in Thailand lol

@malitnpxu Are you a community manager of Thailand?

nope I'm just Elastos Fan : ))

we all can help grow this community

Hello, any thai admin here ?

only thai member