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Hyper Messenger is now available on elastOS!Please note that the native versions of the messenger will be updated in the next few days, file sharing between elastOS and native versions will not work until the update. File sharing between elastOS users is already possible.https://twitter.com/hypermessenger/status/1270388538236899337
CR Regions has launched the CR Exchange Fund. ELA is ready to be listed on a top-tier global exchange and the last step is the listing fee. A new CR Suggestion is up to pay for most of this fee and the community can donate to it. All donations will be matched by Feng Han.twitter.com/ClarenceLiu86/status/1273026388459614208?s=20

First group chat based on elastos Carrier

ELA Box: Your Personal Portal To The Decentralized Smart WebBy Jeremy Ghttps://cyberrepublic.press/elabox/CR Press Red Packet - https://redpacket.elastos.org/packet/grab/8589277247491370-1
CryptoName is now live on Elastos ETH Sidechain! Create your own customized name to make sending and receiving crypto simple and user friendly."CryptoName is a domain name service that not only links your Elastos, Ethereum & Bitcoin wallets. But also your Elastos DID, Website, Email, Telegram addresses and more to just one address, your CryptoName address."Website - CryptoName.OrgTelegram - t.me/CryptoName1
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Elastos.Info website! This community built site brings the entire ecosystem together under one roof for the first time.Link: Elastos.infoIntroducing the Elastos Info Blog! Our blog will focus on areas where the Official EF and CR blogs don’t - on broader ecosystem news and other areas that need a clear voice and platform for information dissemination. https://elastos.info/elastos-info-website-launch/

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The CR proposal to burn 80% of its 16.31m ELA fund has officially passed. This democratically led decision is a significant moment for both CR and the greater Elastos community around the world.https://cyberrepublic.press/the-80-cr-token-burn-has-passed/
Onsale - the Elastos NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplace created by our very own Elastos DMA Team is now available for download in the Google Play Store and in web version.Web: onsale.elastosmall.comPlay Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.onsale
Vouch has been released: https://scheme.elastos.org/app?id=tech.tuum.vouchWatch a simple Get started video at: https://youtu.be/Bl5eUaWmu9M
https://m.coinness.com/en-gb/news/708112 🤔
The Cyber Republic token burn of 13m ELA is scheduled to take place on July 30th, 2020 at 9am UTC. Read about the decision and review all of the important metrics here: https://elastos.info/cr-token-burn-announcement/
BOOM! Elastos is integrating Chainlink oracles to support ELA CDPs. By utilizing Chainlink with our ETH Sidechain, developers will be able to build any kind of DeFi platform on top of the Elastos SmartWeb's unique architecture.https://elastos.info/elastos-ethereum-sidechain-to-offer-a-cross-chain-stablecoin-powered-by-chainlink-oracles/
The Elaphant Team has reached a cooperation agreement with StorSwift, one of the largest miners of Filecoin, with strategic plans to utilize Elastos Hive and the Elaphant Wallet. Read about it here: https://elastos.info/elaphant-team-reaches-cooperation-agreement-with-storswift-one-of-filecoins-top-miner/

GreenPass is a non-profit project based on Elastos Decentralized ID management (DID) infrastructure. In the short-term, GreenPass focuses on addressing global needs for fighting the epidemic and resuming economy. The long-term positioning is to allow everyone in the world to have their own digital health passport, and find a balance between maintaining health, freedom and privacy. Any organizations and individuals who need this are welcomed to discuss cooperation opportunities.