Interactive mind games, escape room games, puzzle mind games, crash games, dive games, and always sound on the plattform. Same for everything and everyone with interactive user a user in this grid everyone is earning their mined coins that also can be mined by simply learning about Blockchain and the decentralisation that is behind and with it. We also going cryptogen, cryptoastro and simply cryptostitious from the previous superstitiousness of this matrix. Cryptostitiousproductions, it's a little project that also want to produce a decentralisation of actress plattform to make ideas to real movies on elastos plattform. I want to remain in this frame. Need someone in here to represent this for the cyberR foundation, this person will have the clearer whitepaper and be the representer of this and other ideas based on making things fun with elastos. In meaning that cryptofun is actually mindbogeling. cryptostitiousproductions to make the word fun cryptostitious. And lets be honest, Elastos is THE superstitiousness in crypto! 🥒

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