His ta doesn’t work sir he’s mad at it

We need more power to let Johnny back in chat

His ta doesn’t work sir he’s mad at it

I know his TA is shit. I just wanted him to feel that he's worthy 😂

I also want to join again. Nobody wants to add me again

We need more power to let Johnny back in chat

Use the lady power. @llVee Veronika can seduce their admins.

Use the KGB style

Can you help kind lady? @llVee

Joe Dirt
Can you help kind lady? @llVee

seduce admins?Jon snow is already sedused by me long time ago

Johnny and I want to join again

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I just want to be unbanned

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I'm back fellow Russian rekt plebs comrades

Alert! Jasmine Harris is a known spammer and is CAS banned. Ban is strongly recommended.

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