A large volume of inquiries have been recently received from the community pertaining to Ledger integration. Due to the popularity of this issue, Elastos’ network of decentralized teams would like to clarify the status of this project to the community at large by issuing the following statement:Ledger integration has always been a community-run project. Interest in Ledger began when community members voiced interest in establishing Ledger integration, and from these conversations a community member named Coranos offered to work on this project on behalf of the community. Over the last year, Coranos has worked on this project while keeping Elastos up to date on his progress. At this stage, the wallet has been listed in dev status. However, without a proper UI design, the application will not provide an adequate user experience. Currently, Coranos has offered to work with any qualified community members who want to take on the necessary design upgrades with him.It is important to note that the Elastos Foundation and peripheral Elastos teams will not maintain this wallet now, nor in the future. Projects of this nature need to be community-led, not only to ensure their successful completion, but to set a precedent that ensures the future of an autonomous Elastos ecosystem. This is a worthy project for qualified community members to contribute to, and it is recommended that Cyber Republic Proposals be created to complete projects selected by the community.If interested in helping with this project, please contact our Community Manager on Telegram: https://t.me/Mr_Tman