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중요한 시그널 나가요

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❗️***Elastos Team Structure******CR Weekly Report - 11 March 2019***Elastos Weekly Update - 08 March 2019Spotlight Series 2: Elastos Sidechains and Scalability Elastos Financial ReportSpotlight Series 1: Elastos Runtime aka Trinity aka Elastos BrowserElastos DPoS Supernode Election ProcessElastos End Of Year ReportElastos Carrier Reaches 1 Million NodesFor all the latest articles, visit our News BlogCheck out two new comprehensive beginner's guides to Elastos:A Non-Developer Beginner's GuideA Developer Beginner's Guide———————————Cyber Republic———————————Cyber Republic WebsiteCyber Republic YoutubeCyber Republic GithubCyber Republic Forum———————————Elastos Wallet Resources———————————Elastos Wallet: FAQUsing the Wallet Guide———————————Additional Resources———————————Official WebsiteElastos NewsRoadmapElastos CarrierBlockchain ExplorerGitHubGitlab———————————Social Media———————————DiscordFacebookFacebook GroupTwitterRedditMediumYoutubeInstagramOfficial Telegram News Channel 🌎International Telegram Community🇨🇳Chinese Telegram Community🇰🇷Korean Telegram Community🇩🇪German Telegram Community🇳🇱Dutch Telegram Community🇫🇮Finnish Telegram Community🇮🇳Indian Telegram Community🇷🇺Russian Telegram Community🇬🇧U.K. Telegram Community🇨🇿Czech/Slovak Telegram Community🇪🇸Spanish Telegram Community🇦🇺Australian Telegram Community🇹🇭Thai Telegram Community🇫🇷French Telegram Community🇹🇷Turkish Telegram Community🇻🇳Việt Nam Telegram Community🇬🇷Greek Telegram Community🇨🇦 Canadian Telegram Community🇧🇪 Belgian Telegram Community🇲🇾 Malaysian Telegram Community🇲🇨 Indonesian Telegram Community🇸🇬 Singaporean Telegram Community🇵🇱 Polish Telegram Community 🇿🇦 South African Telegram Community🇮🇹 Italian Telegram Community🇸🇪 Swedish Telegram Community🇦🇪 UAE Telegram Community🇵🇭 Philippines Telegram Community 🇷🇴 Romanian Telegram Community 🇯🇵 Japanese Telegram Community🇮🇪 Irish Telegram Community🇳🇬 Nigerian Telegram Community🇲🇦 Moroccan Telegram CommunityRules:- Any input and contribution to this community is appreciated, but remember, be respectful of one another.- No referral links, links to other telegram groups/channels, other cryptocurrencies or spams. You may be banned without notice. Discussions are ok and encouraged however no external links that advertises something in any way except if it's related to Elastos- No price speculation/prediction, chart analysis, portfolio discussions, lambo talk etc. (please use our discord server for this)Enforcement:- first infringement: Warning by an admin- second infringement: Muted for 3 days- third infringement: BanAwareness:- There are fake accounts pretending to be Elastos Admin. Please be aware of this. Admin will never contact you first or solicit any kind of payment through pm.- Please report ANYONE asking you to make a payment, for your private wallet address, or anything that feels suspicious.The following are the admins of this channel. Feel free to tag or DM with any questions:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

ICO ROI% for Elastos (ELA) = $2.65 | 0.00065723 BTCUSD: -86%ETH: -13%BTC: -47%

No ICO data for 'TTC' yet, sorry.

'BTC' never had an public ICO.

Data processing엘라스토스 공식 카카오톡 커뮤니티를 개설했습니다

Hello Dear community!We are "Enter Elastos" pool.We will be running 3 Super Nodes Named : Titan, Callisto and Ganymede.These are the the biggest moons in our solar system.Make sure guys to join our telegram group @EnterElastos to know more about our nodes and follow our announcement channel @EnterElastosOfficial to stay tuned about our latest news. Later we will give away some red packets in the group and announcement channel to reward the early comers 😊

플 코인 님. 영구 차단처리되었습니다. 차단 해제는 봇 제작자에게 문의해주세요.

[ELA, 메인넷 업그레이드...합의 프로토콜 'AUXPoW+DPoS'로 변경]엘라스토스(ELA, 시가총액 103위) 개발 팀이 공식 채널을 통해 오는 29일 11시부터 30일 오후 7시까지 메인넷 노드 업그레이드를 진행한다고 밝혔다. ELA는 이번 업그레이드를 통해 기존 메인넷 합의 프로토콜 AUXPoW에 DPoS를 추가할 예정이다.

ICO ROI% for Elastos (ELA) = $3.77 | 0.00091211 BTCUSD: -80%ETH: +25%BTC: -27%

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FishChain Explores the Innovative Model of Cooperation between Public Blockchain and Blockchain-Based GamesBeijing, 27th March 2019 – FishChain had announced its participation in the Elastos DPoS Supernode election. The 5,000 ELA that needs to be locked in for DPoS supernode election will be raised from the community members via public auction of 25 gold ELA node fishes with ultra high computing power and high collection value. Once the ELA fish node is elected as an DPoS node, all rewards received by the node annually will be added to the ELA mining pool for distribution among miners. Meanwhile, anyone who purchases the 25 commemorative gold ELA node fishes will be named as one of the “25 Founders”and will be eligible to share any subsequent ELA rewards generated from the gameplay. The auction will start at 10pm on 2nd April, Beijing time. It is reported that the recent eco-game cooperation between FishChain and the NEOFISH from NEO ecosystem are gradually unveiling its mystery. The co-founder and CEO of FishChain, Jingyi Li, will attend “NEO JOY 2019”event which is hosted by NEO and will be held in Beijing on 20th April. NEOFISH will also be officially launched on Facebook in June 2019, showing its unique charm to 2.2. billion gamers worldwide.

Official website: https://fishchain. io/

ICO ROI% for Elastos (ELA) = $4.07 | 0.00083790 BTCUSD: -78%ETH: +21%BTC: -33%

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ICO ROI% for Aeternity (AE) = $0.69 | 0.00013415 BTCUSD: +154%ETH: +193%BTC: +12%

ICO ROI% for Ambrosus (AMB) = $0.07 | 0.00001379 BTCUSD: -76%ETH: -62%BTC: -83%

ICO ROI% for Blox (CDT) = $0.01 | 0.00000257 BTCUSD: -58%ETH: -52%BTC: -82%

현재 알트코인의 강한 상승세로 인해 하락한 비트코인의 도미넌스를 회복하고 있습니다. 이 과정에서 비트코인의 방향과는 관계없이 알트코인의 전체적인 가격조정이 발생할 수 있습니다. 현재 대부분의 알트코인들이 심한 과매수 상태이므로 조정의 폭이 깊고 시간이 오래 걸릴 가능성이 있습니다. 단기조정으로 마무리 될 것인지는 비트코인의 지지선 지지여부가 핵심이 될것이며 이것에 대한 결과는 과정을 지켜봐야 하므로 당분간은 알트코인 신규매수를 멈추시기 바랍니다. 기존의 보유하고 계신 알트코인은 물타기 전략보다는 손절가와 본절가에 알림을 꼭 걸어두시고, 터치시 과감하게 행동하셔야 하며 잠시 관망하면서 다음 상승 사이클을 기다리시는 것이 가장 현명한 방법입니다.