You can build a fan base, and I have time to answer your fan questions.

Thanks! I will promote this group soon

Hello I am the 3rd one in this community

We will build a bigger community here.

Xiao, are you an Ela admin?

카카오톡 위주로 움직이는 데 텔레그램도 만들었습니다 ㅎ

I see. But I only use Telegram community. :)

ok ! lets build bigger community

in kakao , already 100+ ppl

Sounds good. Xiao, I am trying to lock up my Ela but it is a bit confusing..

Now you pull your friends in and vote.

Everyone in our community is voting.

안녕하세요 엘라 투표하신거 메일 보내셨나요 ?


바이낸스에서 투표하면 아이디랑 표시되나요?

현재 bnb주소 남겨주시면 bnb 0.1개 입금해드리고 있습니다

On community's request, we have decided to hold an event moderated by the admins where you can get rewarded for voting for ELA listing on binance. Everyone who votes for ELA is eligible to receive 0.1 BNB directly deposited to their BNB address. In addition, we'll be choosing 20 random people who have voted to receive 2 ELA each as a reward to thank back the community. If you have already voted for ELA on binance, make sure to still fill out the form since you are still eligible to receive 0.1 BNB and take part in the lottery to receive 2 ELA if you're one of the 20 winners. If you have not yet voted, make sure to fill out the form so we can deposit 0.1 BNB to your address which will help you vote for ELA on binance. The 20 lucky winners will be selected sometime after Feb 25th and will need to show proof to receive rewards. Fill out the form at

여기에 남긴면 되나요?

로고이밴트는 매일로 인적사항기재해서 보내라고 본문에적혀있네요

Bnb신청했는데 오래안걸리겠죠?

여기 남겨주시면

따로 0.1bnb 추가로 보내드리겠습니다.

중국 wechat에서 현재 따로 더 보내주고있습니다

구글폼으로 작성하셨다면 취합 후 보내는거라 좀 시간이 걸릴듯 싶습니다.

I've already finished 31 votes.

흠. 구글폼에 작서하셔도 되고

여기 스크린샷하고 BNB지갑주소 남기면 되나요?

넵 그거는 구글폼에 남겨주시면되고 bnb지갑 주소 남겨주시면